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Long road ahead

5 years ago I lost 3 stone and never looked better, or felt better. Little by little it's all ( + more ) crept back on and i'm so disappointed with myself.

I've tried to lose by doing more exercise but it's not working.

Coming across the support of the NHS has given me motivation to keep going. I'm going to try and try until I succeed. But it's going to be hard and I'm scared to be honest.

So here goes...........

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Hop on board and just set your self small goals - Good Luck!


Best of luck. I signed up a few weeks ago, but have quickly fell off the wagon due to too many social functions planned. Most of them will be out of the way by next weekend, so I'm going to make a concerted effort to get some weight off for my holidays in September.

All the very best!


I also feel like I'm on a long road (this is my first week and 27 lbs to lose!) but just taking it a step at a time. I have lost and regained weight in the past doing various well known diets, but this time, I'm determined to make a life change, even if it means I have to count calories for the rest of my life! I'm sticking to the 1400 each day and making meals from scratch (recipes on the NHS website and using a lot of Quorn recipes from their website). I'm going out for a meal on Saturday night, so have already planned just to have fruit and vegetables through the day, to enable me to have a nice meal and wine with the rest of the 1400, then back to sensible, healthy eating on Sunday. The way I look at it, I have to count to 1400 each day until I reach a healthy weight (just aiming for a healthy BMI) and then I can count to 2000 each day to maintain my healthy weight. Good luck!


Hi! Glad to have you with us!

I've got a bit of weight to lose, but I'm seeing this mainly as getting healthy rather than dieting. The weight loss is a way to monitor and observe how healthy I'm getting- a bonus, if you like!

Perhaps this way of thinking may help you too? Let's get healthy and feel great :)


Thanks everyone, it's good to know that I"m not on my own with this. x


Hi Liz,

You did it before so you know it can be done again You have all the knowledge and information you need - you can do it and you are worth it BUT if you keep on doing what you have always done you will keep on getting what you've always got.

You are not denying anything you will be choosing to be more healthy you choose to become "never looked better, or felt better".

The choice or balance of nutrition or exercise or how fast or slow you lose weight is yours - you need to make that choice. See where you fit into the stages of change model.


If you are really ready skipping a beer or a take away "I don't want to deny myself anything, beer, sweets, take aways but I really want to look nice in my clothes, and with a holiday coming up it's even more important to me." is no big deal just an easier way of achieving you goal than consuming extra unneeded calories than having to work them off.

Being scared or fearful is OK but is regretting that you didn't start worse?


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