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No weight loss this week :-(

After my big weight loss last week, no weight loss to report this week, although 1/2 inch off the waste. So, here is to a new week - week 5.

My main downfall was going out for a Father's Day meal. I had walked for an hour in the morning, only drunk a black coffee (ie no cake or biscuit) when we stopped for coffee, felt quite smug - and then had a wonderful meal. I shared a pudding (but it was very large). What a shock when I added up the calories though. No weight lost this week but at least none put on.

I offered to drive so I didn't have any alcoholic calories to think about (but did have orange juice and lemonade, so not calorie free).

What I found interesting was throughout the evening (food was a late lunch) I started to feel very unwell and very sluggish. Almost as if I had been drinking. The feeling lasted through part of yesterday as well.

I need to remember that feeling as I can only think it was through overeating. Has anyone got any 'scientific' reasons for that as I am intrigued?

Last night after dinner, I wanted more food - so I went out for a 30 minute walk instead (I had a foot operation 6 weeks ago for plantar fasciitis and will need the other foot also operated on later this year, so walking is not the most comfortable).

Here's to a new week .... good luck everyone.

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People more expert than me can offer the scientific view - i think its to do with the messing about with the blood sugars. I have had similar experiences to you - looking fwd to something and enjoying and then getting a massive low the next day. I have now taught myself not to do that anymore - it is such a rubbish feeling.

So no weight gain - that is good news and you waist is getting smaller - keep positive and move onto this week.

Have a good week.


Thanks suzybenj. I hope I have learnt my lesson!

Hope you also have a good week.


I certainly experienced significant lethargy after overindulging in that Fish and Chip splurge I had on the weekend - just wanted to sleep really, and I also felt incredibly hungry later on in the evening - I definitely regretted opting for such a high calorie and fatty meal. Definitely choosing healthier options so far this week, and feeling much better for it.

Not sure what the scientific view would be - but would be interested to hear it - so hopefully someone with requisite knowledge will pop along and explain. :-)


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