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Back in the driving seat!!

After falling off the wagon a few weeks ago I am finally back on schedule and doing what I have too in order to get fit and healthy. I lost an amazing six pounds last week by just cutting my portion size in half and making healthier choices when it came to what I eat and drink. I haven't even started my proper exercise regime. I just walk to and from work at a steady pace that leaves me a bit breathless but I guess this was enough to contribute to my weight loss. Today I start my Insanity workout with Shawn T. Wish me the best everyone and believe when I say that I will be posting my results with you as to enspire and support you on this journey. My Weight at the start of this journey is 245lbs. I have lost 6lbs, making me 239lbs as of today. Can't wait to let you know how the exercise is going and my next weigh in results. Good luck everyone and see you next week, bye!

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Well done. Here's to your new start!


Hi Helcat,

Well done on your great start and wishing you every success this week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you Rawhide and Lowcal!


Go Girl! Shawn sounds a little scary! No gain (or loss in our cases) without pain


Hi helcat best of luck now you're back on track, keep in mind these two tv advert sayings:

1 Every little helps

2 Because i'm worth it

and you'll soon see the results.


Thank you ali-may. I am so happy tobe back and to get the support of so many ppl. It just goes to show you that a shared thought and tip can give an individual the boost they needed and the determination to stay with the programme.


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