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Starting Monday!

Hi Everyone

I'm starting plan tomorrow. Need to shed 27 lbs just to get my BMI into the healthy range! Seems like a long road ahead but feeling positive. Spending today shopping for ingredients for lunch and dinner recipes from the NHS website as find it easier if I take food to work and have a meal waiting for me just to heat up when I get home. I've found your blogs very inspirational. Keep them coming! Good luck everyone.

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best of luck for week 0ne - as you say -planning is the key and then you don't unintentionally give in to calorie laden snacks. Try to have a good routine - breakfast, lunch 5 00 snack to stave of munchies and then sensible dinner. If you go off track - count it in and then just put it behind you!!

I look forward to hearing how you have got on.xx


Many thanks. Just made the NHS fruity winter salad to take for lunch and the veggie chilli to have when I get home. Also taking some chopped fruit to work and intend to have weetabix and skimmed milk for breakfast. Looking forward to getting started on my life change journey as must keep it off this time. All the best xx


good luck corriander, love the name. i'm just finishing my first week and feel so much better, will not know how i've totally lost until tomorrow but i'm not going back the way every again so this will be a life journey for me. one tip i can offer is that every little negative behaviour i come up against, i break the cycle. whenever i find myself reaching for a biscuit, i take it and then throw it in the bin or break it up and put fairy liquid on it lol then i don't buy anymore biscuits lol waste of money, maybe but i buy them for the kids lunches but if there is any left at the end of the week and the kids are not here i have to put them in the bin. lol i am very weak lol good luck this week and keep us posted x


Good luck for tomorrow morning weigh in. This is a life journey for me too as cannot put the weight back on this time. Need to be healthy and also fit back into all the clothes in my wardrobe. Good idea regarding the biscuits and fairy liquid. I only have biscuits in the house that I don't like, the same for crisps as they are my major failing. All the best xx


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