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These last couple of kilos are sure holding on tight!

I seem to have been 81.5 kg or so for the last few years! O.K. - I know it's only about a week or so, but it feels longer.

I guess it'll probably all sort out as I settle back into a better routine, post the move of house and a few other changes that have gone on.

Good luck with your weight loss journeys.

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Poor you those last couple can be a nightmare, I found I had various sticking points getting under 10st was one and then getting under 9st was another but I did find as I got nearer my goal my weight lost changed. for example I hadnt lost any for about 3 weeks then lost 6lb over the course for 4 days. Good luck and keep going, I used to see those last few pounds as packs of butter and every half pound was a pack didnt seem such a small loss then. All the best ;)


Enjoy your weekend ;-)


Hi Doikosp,

If I remember rightly you had a few weeks where the weight just fell off you...so maybe it's just leveling it's self out. Your not alone in finding those last few pounds sticking to you like glue.....You will shake them off in the end.

Jane010669, I know where your coming from I have just managed too hit 9st 13lb it's been a struggle but got there in the end.

I now have to make my weight down to 9st mark as I'm still in the overweight bracket.


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