Slow but steady

Got up before the other half this morning (that's not hard, he's still asleep now) and went for a run. Week 3 of C25k, if you were wondering. Felt very proud to do that, it wasn't too strenuous, I could even carry on now! It's impressive how much more energy you get from doing exercise!

I want to keep this up, I'm feeling healthier already. I have edamame and Soya bean salad planned for lunch. Can't wait!

So when I'm feeling all hope is lost can someone remind me of how good I was feeling today please??!


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6 Replies

  • Hi Bunjamin, well done you should be proud of yourself. I know what you mean, the buzz you get from exercising. Lunch sounds errrrrrr good, might even give that a go myself but not today. today its meat free salad with beans and lentils.

    Keep up the good work, its worth it, your worth it:)

  • Thanks! Bought the salad from M&S, will see if it's any good and then start making it myself in the future!

    Hope you're having a good day. :)

  • I bought that the other day and it is fantastic and not heavy on the calories -now my fav new lunch. Exercise is great -I started 10 weeks ago and now run three times a week -it has completely changed my outlook on life and I feel so much better.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey

  • Thanks for your comment, glad you're enjoying running too! I did the c25k last summer, but need to get back on it now to help shift the weight thats crept back on.

    I enjoyed the salad, but couldn't eat all of it on it's own! Think it would have to be an accompaniment with something else.

    Best wishes.

  • I saw that in this months healthy food mag and thought I would try it when I go to town and the kids have KFC etc, just coming to the end if the first week, so grand weigh in tomorrow for me.

  • Good idea! Can't stand KFC, or any other fast food restaurant for that matter, which helps with the healthy eating.

    Good luck for tomorrow!

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