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Slow but steady

Got up before the other half this morning (that's not hard, he's still asleep now) and went for a run. Week 3 of C25k, if you were wondering. Felt very proud to do that, it wasn't too strenuous, I could even carry on now! It's impressive how much more energy you get from doing exercise!

I want to keep this up, I'm feeling healthier already. I have edamame and Soya bean salad planned for lunch. Can't wait!

So when I'm feeling all hope is lost can someone remind me of how good I was feeling today please??!

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Hi Bunjamin, well done you should be proud of yourself. I know what you mean, the buzz you get from exercising. Lunch sounds errrrrrr good, might even give that a go myself but not today. today its meat free salad with beans and lentils.

Keep up the good work, its worth it, your worth it:)


Thanks! Bought the salad from M&S, will see if it's any good and then start making it myself in the future!

Hope you're having a good day. :)


I bought that the other day and it is fantastic and not heavy on the calories -now my fav new lunch. Exercise is great -I started 10 weeks ago and now run three times a week -it has completely changed my outlook on life and I feel so much better.

Good luck on your weight loss journey


Thanks for your comment, glad you're enjoying running too! I did the c25k last summer, but need to get back on it now to help shift the weight thats crept back on.

I enjoyed the salad, but couldn't eat all of it on it's own! Think it would have to be an accompaniment with something else.

Best wishes.


I saw that in this months healthy food mag and thought I would try it when I go to town and the kids have KFC etc, just coming to the end if the first week, so grand weigh in tomorrow for me.


Good idea! Can't stand KFC, or any other fast food restaurant for that matter, which helps with the healthy eating.

Good luck for tomorrow!


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