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Friday morning weigh in -join me

Well here I am something like week 10 . Feel a bit reflective today-had a look over weight loss diary for the last month and it is quite salutary reading -I was 12 st 4 llbs at the beginning of May. I am now three pounds lighter. That makes a total of 8 pounds-which is all good news and going in the right direction-but part of me thinks who am I kidding no one but myself actually. I am relentlessly cheerful about living the good times and then paying back. Maybe I need to rein in some of those good times??

I am also concerned that I have been at this weight before hovering at just over 12st and then not making it and bang half stone on again.

So wish me luck everyone-I am still cheerful -but mindful and thoughtful about what the next few weeks will bring.

Meanwhile sipping a cup of tea in bed wondering about whether to go out on my usual calorie busting run...or not :-)

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Go out for that run, You should set yourself a target of 11.13lbs. Your doing so well you owe it to yourself to keep going. I have great faith in you.


---thanks that is a lovely post - I did go out for my run - and jolly pleased I am too. As you say aiming to break that 12 st hurdle - maybe next week and then I will really feel i have achieved something :-).

thank you I needed a boost


Good luck! The stone milestones are always the hardest. I was 11 stone 12 lbs last August (for a wedding) and starting again today at a depressing 13 stone 3 lbs! I have always managed to get weight off in the past for a special event, but trying to make a total life change this time. I want to get down to 11 stone to bring my BMI into the healthy range. Looks like a long road ahead!


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