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Doing it for myself!

So here we go, graduation in 1 month and then returning to the world of work! But hang on, what's all this extra weight I've put on during university??!

I remember being slimmer and fitter just a few years ago, and how great I felt. And that is my motivation for dropping this extra 12-13lbs I've put on. This is for me! (Though I imagine my fiance will be pleased too, haha!)

I lost weight last summer doing the couch to 5k plan which was really good, but since returning to uni I haven't been running so regularly (especially during all the snow!) so I will get back on track with that. The thing I tend to lack is that extra bit of support and motivation after about a month- which I'm hoping to find here!

So- hello! And lets get healthy!

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Hello and well done done for getting back in saddle and recognising you need support. It's why we are all here.

Best of luck


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