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This week I stand still

1st week for no weight change in a while. Don't really understand why.

I'm sure I Haven't over eaten, I haven't got my handy little app as my phone is in for repairs. so not sure of my intake. just guess work of what I have been eating already in size.

I have a cold at the moment but I haven't comfort eaten,

its making me fill a bit weak so not as much activity.

Maybe my body is just adjusting from the week before one day pig out as I had gone up a pound this week then lost that again. mmm

New goal is get rid of this cold, And come back to blog in 4 weeks (9/7/2013) with a 6lb loss.

I hope I can do it

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it depends on the time of day and all that I lost a total of 4lbs yesterday according to my scales!!


I weigh myself same time each morning


Key is to stay positive, you did well not to munch as when I get a cold I eat for England lol. Well done :-)


if you weigh yourself first thing in the morning after your morning pee, you should be at your lightest.

On some days I weight myself morning and night. It's amazing how much your weight you can put on.


the weeks i didnt lose anything were the weeks i had the biggest inch losses ! doesnt quite equate but true


don't weigh yourself every day. that is why there is a 'monday weigh in' and a friday one. do it exactly the seme time (upon waking up is best, I think) weekly. in any diet there is a plateau, when our very efficeint body switches to a new lower calorie regime. a pest really, coz it does mean you ned to up the exersise and/or go evenlower in the calorie dept. good luck.

ps I am no good at exersising either!!!


I once didnt loose any weight for a month, then went to bed one night and woke up half a stone lighter, didnt understand why just think it must be hormones....hormones have a lot to answer for, good luck and dont loose faith :)


Like XSally I weigh myself same time each morning but get quite a lot of variance which I tend to blame on the red wine & Curry I had the night before?


Thanks everyone. I am now back to my lowest IBM. so looking forward to losing more pounds.

Got my phone back today, I had a calorie counter before but reading everyone talk about my fitness pal I have now got that. It seems great, I hope it will help me. It says I need to eat 1500 to loss a pound in a week and 1250 to lose 1 an a half pounds a week. Lets see what happens.

And I am still not over this cold yet. don't even feel like comfort eating which is a good thing.


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