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So I'm obsessed with my weight. Aren't we all? Don't we all wake up every morning with one thought on our minds, weight? And does the thought of putting on one single pound fill us with dread?

Am I really that obsessed!

When I got married, um 38 years ago, I was a long legged model weighing 9 or 10 stone. I'm 5'8'' and although was a model, fashion was not my thing.

Even after my third child, my son 10 pounds, I still weighed 10 stone. I was 28.

AND then it slowly crept up and up. We lived in South Africa, I played tennis once a week, did yoga.

Now I weigh 14.7.

Menopause, did it have to happen?

Mine started at 40 over by 50. I'm now 58. So why is my weight still creeping up?

Am I really that obsessed?

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Maybe the obsession shouldn't be about weight but about healthy eating as part of healthy living. Weight is the consequence the effect of....

Focusing on the cause is maybe more helpful but as I experience certainly more difficult and personal.


Yes it should be. Maybe that is what my problem is. Thanks for that simple but sound advise. They say it's all in the mind!


omg you sound so like me ,I could tell nearly the same story (missing out the model part ) lol

I used to blame the menopause but if I am honest with my self ,I eat more drink more and do nothing to keep fit , so I guess I only have my self to blame and if I make just little changes to my life style and diet i am sure I can turn this around ..and I will .

ok so I am never going to be a size again but I really would be a lot happier if I was a 12-14

instead of a 16-18 if I am honest .all it will take is a few months of changes to get there and then its just a case of adopting a healthier life style . this is it NO MORE DIETS for me just a nice healthy life style .

hope I still feel as positive tomorrow. x


Yes! No more diets for us! Down with diets. Up for healthy life style. Yahoo!

You'll feel fine tomorrow.

Just talking about it I don't feel so alone.




If I am obsessed which I am at the moment then I will not put on weight not a great deal anyway as I weigh myself every day - the second I stop I start piling on the pounds ............


I'm glad I'm not alone!

Do you find your weight can show a difference in a lbs. Even half a pound, dresses we.

See what Bodo10 - above said.

Good luck.


Hi Janelily,

I suppose on the other hand, if you're actively on a weight loss journey, if you weren't a bit obsessed about it then it would perhaps be that you weren't taking it very seriously or were all that committed to it.

I think the 'test' may really be what happens ongoingly when you reach your target / healthy weight.

Good luck with managing your weight, obsessively or otherwise.


The weight management once I reach my goal, frightened me. If; no when I reach my goal it would be after a long struggle. If I start putting the weight back on I think I would be devastated.


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