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holidays here I come

hi everyone been reading this site for a while now and really think its the one for me ,after a couple of years drinking and eating anything I want its time to get to grips with my weight .

I am away on holiday in 18 weeks and would love to take off 2 stone before I go , I have downloaded the 12 week plan to help keep me on track ,

surely with the help and support off the site I can do it , fingers crossed ...

I will keep you posted on my progress ..

good luck to everyone

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It is great to have a goal to get in the weight loss mood - my own take is that yes I have my various get thin milestones (holiday and family wedding) - however I am in this for the long haul - to get to my desired weight and keep it off.

Well done for getting onto this site and best of luck with your weight loss journey.



if the thought of taking all this extra weight on holiday cant make me take better control

I don't know what can .lol

good luck on your journey


I am aiming for the same chubbyclub. Possible sun hol during summer holidays but def off to Portugal with friends in October. Don't want to be the fat friend!


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