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23 and Obese!


Firstly I'm new to this, I am a university graduate who lived off junk food and snacks with a guilty pleasure of KFC and nandos, well anything bad for me if I'm honest!

I have now moved back home and have began to take more notice of myself compared to my slender friends who are sized between 6 - 10 where as I'm a size 16, who can rarely find clothes that fit me let alone flatter me!

So I have decided to take action! My mum attends a slimming world meeting every week and is very successful at losing weight as is my sister who partakes at home, so I am now jumping on the band wagon! Last week (Monday 3rd June) I weighed myself at 12 stone 12 pounds. Not good, obese.

So I am hoping to use this as a diary / help guide from yourselves who can help with slimming tips and recipes!

I will be having a weigh in at 5pm today and let you know of the progress!

Many thanks

23... Obese!

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Hey - don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes we do need to shock ourselves into action though. The important point is you have taken some action to do something about it. You are young and if you stick to whatever diet plan you decide the weight will come off. Just for the record I was in the same category as you 10 weeks ago and I am now in the overweight category and slowly working my way down from nearly 13 stone to being nearer 12. It feels like still along way to go - but I feel like I have a grip on it.

Best of luck.


Well done suzybenj.

Think you are an inspiration. Have noticed a few name changes on here as people drop in and out, myself included.

Keep up the good work. You'll definitely get there!


Thank you :) just did the weigh in and am now weighing

12 stone 7 pounds! Woooop!

Fingers crossed we keep shedding the weight :)


Well done, brill weight loss.

I was the same at uni...for some reason ginster pasties and kiwi save chocolate we're my downfall. You obviously had better taste. I've managed to get healthier over the years and its nice to get in good habits. This has changed lately and I'm struggling to lose baby weight. Hoping to lose before baby weight is just weight!

Good luck with week two. You can do it!


...thanks inner slim - you are making me blush - just dogged determination and slow steady progress.

As for you Jmi16694 - fantastic news - and a great motivator.

whatever you are doing keep doing it :-)


Well done, I started on Sunday after putting on 5 stone in the last 3 yrs at UNI , essays - stress eating, you will get there slow but sure and it stays off and teaches you better eating habits xx


Hi what can I say but honestly I wish I weighed 12.12 right now. I'm currently 15.2 and I'm 5.2 :-( but on the up side when I joined here was 2 lb under 16 stone. All I can say is well done you should be very proud and I shall continue to. Carry on trying to lose weight and keep it off. X


Thanks everyone for your lovely replies :) I believe we can all do it if we put our minds to it :)

It's so hard trying to break the habits!

Any tips?



Wow now on 12 stone 6! Still going down. :)


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