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12 weeks complete

Well ive completed my first 12 weeks on the plan and found it had its ups and downs both on and off the scale. I have become more aware of what works for me and what certainly doesnt.

I have always kept a large store of veg and salad in the house but lately its a daily purchase rather than a weekly one as im eating so much of it, ill either have an almost full plate of salad or veg with everything im eating now both at night and during the day. I am also consuming at least two bits of fruit as a snack during the day now and finding lidl fruit has definately got all the flavour and sweetness to curb any cravings of sweets I may have.

Seed mix and raisins have become my saviour in work i have a little bowl beside my computer that i nibble on throughout the day to give me an energy boost if needed. I have also got a nice wee store of herbalife protein bars in my drawer that are actually really tasty and give me my chocolate fix at that time of the month when i really want it more than ever.

I have cut my tea consumption down to 2-3 per day and im using skimmed milk at home now so I can still get my calcium fix

I'm limiting my bread intake to a few slices of toast per week and its always been wholemeal in my house and ive gone back to low fat spread as opposed to butter substitutes

I've never been a big potato fan but do like my chips and ive had them maybe once a fortnight at most

Pasta well ive stopped eating pasta and now it leaves me bloated so going to try some gluten free during the week and see how my body reacts to that

Red meat im eating at most once a week and eating alot more fish and chicken instead or substituting meat or chicken for quorn instead.

ALL meals at home now home made although we were never ones for having processed foods or pre prepared sauces, takeaways or eating out is most definstely a monthly treat now

But the biggest change of all is the fact im eating regularly and trying not to skip any meals, mostly the two main missed meals have predominantly been breakfast and lunch and im now substituting breakfast with a herbalife shake in the car en route to work and having another at lunch when im in too much of a rush to prepare lunch.

so what are the stats after the 12 weeks ?

starting weight 204lbs

hips 45" waist 42" thigh 25.5" arms 12" chest 38"

finishing weight 187.2lbs

hips 41" waist 38.5" thigh 23.5" arms 11.5" chest 36.5"

weightloss total 16.8lbs

so heres to my change of lifestyle and bad eating habbits, and heres to v2 starting next monday

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Congratulations geemel79! Here's your 'I did it!' badge. Your experience could really benefit others on the forum.


cheers and im proud to show it off :)


geemel79 it was one of your posts on the Exercise Poll that I first read the first day I found this forum and the 12 week plan. It struck a chord with me and whenever I read other blogs I always make a point of reading any comment you've made should you have made any. Because of your comments I registered on this forum and posted my own blogs and questions and am now onto week 4. (doing OK weight wise but life style changes are where the big differences are now)

This is a fantastic result for your 12 weeks - you must feel so proud of what you have achieved, well done.

Best wishes


thanks very much, and well done to you sticking with it thus far the first few weeks are the hardest I hope youre getting lots of support.

Now that ive done the 12 weeks I think this is now where Im more confident about my portion sizes and knowing where most of the calories and fat etc are hidden in food. I can now quite easily pick my foods off the cuff a bit more rather than having to plan the day regimented which tbh isnt a great way for me to do it, nothing worse than planning for a salad when its wet and miserable outside and you really want a nice hot dinner and vice versa. Its not expensive to eat properly when you are dieting but it takes time and money to restock the kitchen differently so i would say use the stuff you have but not all in one go, dont go blowing your monthly budget in one go emptying the cupboards and replacing everything straight away nothing worse than being stuck with new foods you dont like.

The initial 12weeks for me was merely the starting point and its from here on in the real challenge begins that was just the warm up !!!!


Hi geemel79,

Well done!

It's strange the way the tastes change and how the new habits just become normal/usual isn't it? I truly just couldn't face some of the things I would have merrily tucked into six months ago!

And it really is just a matter of actually taking control of it all.

You controlling what, when and how much you eat - rather than your 'bad' food habits controlling you.

Good luck with your continued weight loss journey.


thanks :)

im pleased to say ive lost weight watched what ive eaten but still had my blips and slips and still enjoyed some good nights out and meals too

now im feeling healthier i really need to take it to the next level now and add some fitness to the pot


Thank you for your post geemel79. I started well, had a major blip, started again on Tuesday and with encouragement from others on the forum and reading posts like yours, have my motivation back and am starting to see the results. I have found that I eat when I am bored as well as out of habit (a cup of coffee with a biscuit or two (!) I am working on braking that cycle and as Doikosp says, taking control of it all. Keep up the good work.


i tis changing the habit that is hard, isn't it? we are not big eaters, but I do like to snack. peanuts is my downfall. and as I work in a nursing home, the will pwoer not to nibble needs to be awesome, in my case. still, first week and it is not brilliant but a good start for me


Well done!


Fantastic!!! Well done geemel79 :-)


so I was away there friday - monday at a festival and pleased to say I only gained 2lbs :) but ive never felt so awful in my life !!!!! friday and saturday late afternoon/evening we had bbq's and i ended up feeling sick with the worst indegestion ever and to say i didnt overdo the eating was an understatement \i was pretty good in all honesty, sunday we decided to leave the festival and find a hotel and go sightseeing as it was getting far too hot to sit another day in a field frying even with factor 30 slapped on everywhere, went for a bite to eat and was embarasse by how much food i wasted !!!! full fry up monday morning in the hotel and again more than 2/3 of the food wasted ! plus side my stomach has obviously shrunk dramatically, I really was so very glad to come home last night to some fish and a lite side salad

so v2 12 week plan starts today :)

watch this space !!!!


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