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Need to get back on track

Hi all

In week 1 I managed to lose 3lbs and in week 2, 1lb, so a total 3lb loss, and 3 1/2 inches from my waist. Ideally I need to lose just over 3 stone. I was so chuffed.

Then, we went away for 3 days, it was my birthday, we had relations staying over the weekend which meant 2 meals out, homemade cakes and biscuits at home, leftovers, wine ......, so 10 days after my last weigh in, I got back on the scales.

Shock, horror, gone up by 9 lbs! That's almost 1lb a day! Now, a little of that may be due to the amount eaten the day before, but not much.

I've now got the homemade cakes and biscuits left - I can't throw them away! I'm struggling to get focussed again, even though there are lots of important events coming up over the summer and a wedding in 13 months time.

I've lost weight before and then put it all back on and of course, more.

I am struggling to exercise as I had a foot operation 4 weeks ago, and even walking is still painful - there is likely to be another foot operation in November on the other foot.

I hope that by putting the facts on here, I will get my motivation back (cereal this morning was a very large bowl) and it will 'bring it home to me' what I am doing.

I will sit down (only with a coffee) and re-read weeks 1 and 2, and start again at week 3.

10 am, Tuesday 4th June - here we go.

I really enjoy reading the blogs on this site, so thank you all. When they are good stories they are inspiring, when they are not so good, it is nice to hear of others having the same issues and so not feeling so alone. I'm starting to feel a little motivated already typing this.

Here goes!

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Yep we have all been there - many ups and downs. You have enjoyed the cakes etc - chuck the rest in the bin or take them to work or something. After an excessive week myself - now in the pay back zone - already after a day one pound gone. . Now going up to my son's school buffet lunch he and the class have prepared. I have eaten lunch and will feign a poorly tum so as not to eat the enevitable calories there.!!

Best of luck getting back on track :-)


I know its really depressing when you have been good for 2 weeks you have a few not so good days and end up weighing more than when you started.

I started really well about 6 weeks ago but the last three weeks have been awful. After losing 8lbs in the first three weeks during the last 3 weeks I have eiher stayed the same gained a 1lb lost a 1lb. I have a good day but after eating lunch (low calorie) I feel as if I have gained 3 inches around my waist.

Anyway, i'm not going to feel sorry for myself, I have decided to walk to and from work each day (it's the only thing I can think of to help get things moving as I think my diet is ok). This will take me about 1 hour per day so I will let you all know how I get on next Tuesday.

Best of luck getting back on track. x


If you can't resist the cakes then throw them away, you're probably like most of us, programed from a very young age to "to waste not want not" but trust me throw em away. Not exactly the same but I've just ditched half a casserole dish of pasta bake left over at dinner, 3 years ago it would have been eaten regardless.


Thank you suzybenj, tubby2 and OlsBean for your support.

I managed to give away some of the homemade biscuits, the birds are enjoying the cake and I kept just enough to enjoy myself, but counting the calories. Yes, OlsBean, I am programmed to eat everything on my plate and not to waste food! I also like to 'taste' food when I am cooking and I pick.

I eat when I am bored so am trying to keep my mind occupied - yesterday I sat out in the sun with a cup of tea (no sugar) and read my book - it felt very indulgent but meant I could wait until 7.30 pm for dinner instead of eating at 6 pm, as my hubby was late home. I didn't pick at anything. :-)

Motivation is back now and the scales are starting to show a downward trend again.

Good luck with your journeys. xx


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