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joining for two

we are older couple (70 and 65 yrs old) with BMI of 28,5 and 25,6 and we both just want to go down to a healthy BMI range and lose up to a stone. easy? not at all. we even tried cambridge diet. expensive, and not sustainable. we lost the weights but soon put it back on. if it is true that the mind and body need 12 weeks to change a habit, HERE WE GO! hope we can do this together.

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Well done and good luck. More than anything this site gives you the means for healthy eating and choices about what to eat and not to waste calories on indulgent 'treats' that are just not worth it. I save up my treats for the things i really enjoy. I feel as though I have control now - and even when i do over indulge - I can 'pay back' in a manageable way. Exersise of some shape or form seems to boost things

My current BMI is 29 - so you are both already doing better than me!

So good luck to both of you.


thanks for the encouragement. not really got to the swing of it yet. still stealing snacks! but will keep trying


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