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Starting again!!!

Been a little while since I've blogged...guess what I'm back where I started.

Basically followed healthy eating, calorie counting (which was working for me) and exercise. This worked for me but for some reason fell off the wagon and decided the only way to lose by baby weight within the nine month was to try dukan!!

Dukan. Good for quick weight loss and feeling less bloated. Bad for exercise. Basically I did two days protein followed by a week of alternating with protein/veg days. I was knackered. I struggled to exercise, was tired and moody and ultimately had a blow out on the last day....started with a single meringue nest and handful of crunchy nut bites (both my nemesis) and ended with anything sweet I could get my hands on. Unfortunately this was just before the bank holiday and an overnight stay (treat from partner- lovely!) so this eating habit continued for around ten days. The overnight stay ended up being close to another weekend which, of course, is always a bad time to start....wait til Monday/start tomorrow! By the way I don't believe in fad diets and have just proven that for me they don't work.

I decided to get weighed at a local leisure centre on Saturday. I'm 10 stone 1lb. Not too bad. Would still like around 10lb off. I've had a decent weekend, caved in to a couple of ringtons ginger snaps...only two is better than the mountains I've been eating.

Hopefully I can get in the right frame of mind and get back to my healthy ways prior to pregnancy. First aim is half a stone for wedding on 22nd. Actually, first aim is to have a healthy week this week and hopefully the half stone will vanish.

Wish me luck.

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Yes very best of luck to you- we have all been there. I am defineatly 1 step fwd two backwards. But this is the best so far - even though the weight loss is slow off - but rocket speed quick to go back on. I tend to use a modified dukan - which i do for a max of three days - usually monday to wed. I use these days as my 'pay back days' for a usuallly over indulgent weekend. The modification - is no wheat, but I do have low GI fruit - which tends to be tinned grapefruit, apple, pear and blueberries. At teatime i have an atkins bar and an actimel to stave off the sweet cravings. - and i supplement with salad and tomotoes. I stick to 1400 calories. This suits me in terms of blood sugur swings and crazy hunger. If I have had a really indulgent weekend i go full Dukan.

so I have found a pattern that works for me - which i am choosing to call healthy living rather than diet.

So my maxim is always - we are where we are - and as long as we start somewhere and move fwd that is what is important.

I am sure you will have weight loss this week - well done for getting back on the bus


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