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Week 10 - 21lbs lighter

Still determined to get to a better BMI - 34 at the moment. Feeling healthy and getting over my self defeating mind that has dogged me all my life. Why is it that when I get into a healthier lifestyle those little demon voices in my brain tries to undermine me. Mine say "Why are you bothering at 63", "You deserve a treat because you have done so well", "You feel down so you need some chocolate" .

Sometimes I have given in to them but not felt any better afterwards and am starting to see that healthy food and exercise is better than any junk food or alcohol that give you very short highs when indulging but make you feel sluggish after a little while. Some would say you can have anything in moderation which helps them, Unfortunately, I have learned I am an all or nothing kind of person and any straying off the path tends to end up in an eating binge. Hopefully I will learn to control this kind of behaviour eventually but the most important thing for me is to keep on trying.

Reading your blogs has certainly helped me and recognising that everyone has ups and downs and you don't have to give it all up after a blip.

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Well done and keep up the good work!


Woohoo! A major brain shift too.


Snap, I am 34 BMI too!

I identify with your all or nothing comment, I find if I once give in and have chocolate I am searching round for more food, food, food.

Aiming to get down under 30 BMI, my husband has to cut out saturated fat so that could help me too!

Best wishes.


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