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I can resist anything, except temptation

I am bad at saying no to food. Fact. I just cant say no to a nice slice of pizza, or a delicious looking choclate bar. Recently, however, ive been forcing my self to resist the temptation. I know that some people edge out of there old ways slowly, one less packet of crisps here, one less coke there, but for me thats impossible. Ive always done things through sheer willpower.

Take last night for an example, i was upstairs in my room when my sister calls up the stairs "come down! Dads home" which translates as "get your ass down here, theres yummy food". So i go downstairs, and there is my family, sitting around the telly, stuffing there faces with hot wings and wraps from the local chicken cottage. Normally i would have joined right in, but that would have meant that i was someone who gave in easily, so instead i said no, walked over to the kitchen and had a glass of water, and a handful of almonds to curb my hunger. My mother, who is the one who insists that i lose weight, picks up a chicken wing and waves it infront of my face as if im a dog who will take to bait. Once again, i refuse, to the shock of the family (the same ones who laugh at my weight, whilst being overweight themselves) who then begin to try and force me to eat the fattening food. Again, i say no, and proceed to pour them all some coke, a drink i have always loved, but have now given up. Then i lean against the wall and watch them eat till there done. Watching how mindlessly they comsume the food like they are vaccums. Only then, after washing their dishes did i go back upstairs.

So, my advice to those of you who live with people who eat alot of junk/unhealthy food is to watch them eat it, without eating it yourself. Dont focus on the food, instead focus on the fact that they are wolfing down that quater pounder while watching a documentaries on extreamly obese induviduals. Then have a little laugh at the irony. At the end, offer to help clean up and wash the dishes. Focus on the grease thats sticking to the plates your washing, and just think of how thats all you've been eating till now. Once your done, have a glass of water and a light, healthy snack and go back to your room. Write down how you felt when you overcame the desire in on short sentence. Keep that sentence around, its your mantra for every time temptation tries to get you.

Good luck, and remember that when you make a sincere wish to change, the universe secretly conspires to make it happen.

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OOOh MillieA. What a problem you have.You are tackling it VERY WELL INDEED! GOOD FOR YOU resisting such pressure. They are being very cruel taunting you with tasty wings. But you know you are strong enough to rise above that and once you have reached your target weight you will feel such satisfaction that you did it ALL yourself. EVERY STRENGTH TO YOU and yes - it WILL happen! You are no pushover!


MillieA you are amazing. What strength.

An inspiring story.

I have the opposite however, my family are all skinnies and have no clue why I'm the fat one or understand the battle I have with food. They just don't get it and I feel rather lonely.

Best of luck - it sounds like you are on your way to healthy living and some incredible weight loss.


Brilliant! U r obviously in the right mind set. My hubby brings sweets and cakes etc home and I resist until I can't sleep then get up and have something to eat. It's about changing bad habits. Seems like ur succeeding. Well done u xx


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