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Calorie allowance for female?

Hi there - I have read the information and it states 1400kcal for females daily - I had looked up other sites and they had said between 1500 - 1700, I am 5ft 10" of medium build - I find 1400 would be slightly too low for me and I had planned to stick to 1500 but I do not want to hinder my weightloss - is anyone else eating slightly more and still having good weightloss?

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Hi torracj,

I would advise you to aim for the 1400 kcal. If, after the first couple of weeks of the usual 'spurt' of wight loss from fluid reduction,you then find yourself losing weight faster than about 1 kg (2.2 lbs) on average per week (that's the maximum recommended weight loss) then up the calorie intake a bit or perhaps reduce your exercise levels a bit.

If however you're then sitting within the 1 to 2 lbs a week (averaged out) then you're doing things about right.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by you finding 1400 would be slightly too low for you - but the point is to create a calorie deficit to encourage your body to use up some of your stored fat rather than glycogen for at least some of its day to day needs.

If you keep to that figure you'll be well clear of the problems associated with VLCDs and should be able to achieve that [pretty comfortably and still take in the full range of nutrition.

Good luck with your weight loss journe.


Hi torracj -- I am big-boned and 5'7" and weigh 107kg at present.. I have very gradually lost 4kg since March - that would equate to just over half a pound a week. But strange to relate, I feel OK doing this very slow weight loss - as I have not declined any outings and have been having a great time socially - and have not put on an ounce.

Although my own personal aim is 90kg (I look haggard and the skin sags if I go below this wt) -I would continue with about 30min exercises daily and sometimes more! But will cross that bridge when I come to it - again!

Last night I went to a concert and then to a wine-bar afterwards, where I had 2 flutes of bubbles and some pub snacks (4 x half-slices of brown bread with tasty dips etc.& chorizo etc.). What I do is if I go over 1400/day and have say 1700 as I did yesterday, I then have 1200 the following day to even up the numbers.. (Very occasionally if I "slip" and binge - I try to make sure I don't go over 2200cal, and regard that as a "lost day" and am back on track the next day. This is unusual for me, as once I lose control I cannot regain it for about 3 or 4 days! But that is obviously not everybody's problem. A CBT Therapist, PhD. said to me - "Why not have X calories per week - do the healthy eating thing and try and keep within 1500x7 calories per week! Apologies to Doikosp if I am giving contradictory info here to the present HEALTHUNLOCKED EATING REGIME - but this has worked for me, and if one is depriving oneself ongoing - that is a shame!

Good luck in your efforts! If you are losing at 1500, continue that way!! It is good to feel healthy :) whichever way you lose - just try not to gain!!! If you slip - forget it, that's history, and get back on track ASAP. .. Margarita!


Hi folks,

One of the values of losing weight slowly is that it gives you the time to get used to new eating habits, so that usually by the time you hit somewhere near your target weight you'll be used to them and they will be the norm, rather than 'new'.

The problem with continuing to indulge yourself in the same way as before you started your weigt loss regime is quite simply this.

As you lose weight you will need to eat less calories to achieve a significant calorie deficit, because a slimmer body needs less calories to maintain its body mass, than a large one does.

So, there is a danger that you might start losing weight gently, but then come to a halt because you're not creating a sufficient calorie deficit to lose weight in a slimmer body.

To be more specific, your eating regime at 107 kg may be o.k. to lose weight slowly but may be too many calories to lose any weight at 95 kg.

I mean if it works for you, then fine. And part of that working for you is having a regime that you can actually get along with. But if it doesn't, or if it stops working for you, then you'll need to realign.

I've lost about 23 kgs since January 11th and I now eat much more healthily than I did, but I also eat a great deal less than I believed that I "needed" to eat six months ago.


I think a lot of it is about knowing the amount of calories going in,and you know 3200 is a lb of fat lost or gained, so if you're happy @ that less than that per week go for it you may loose more as you are tall. Body composition varies greatly I still have 10lb to go to my goal but I don't feel fat and people are telling me how great I look, 1 am now a 12-14,where as maybe other people of my height with a 26+ BMI may look huge! You will find your level and good luck!


If you can lose weight with a higher number of calories then go with that. Your body will adjust to the new energy intake soon enough by lowering your metabolism. At that time (or slightly before) you may want to up your intake so that your body doesn't get used to being on such low calories. When your body plateaus, you may need to lower your calorie intake further to yield further weight loss. Alternatively you could up your activity; either way you can only tolerate hunger for limited periods.

Eating a lower amount of carbohydrate (to about a third of your energy intake) than the usual NHS recommendations, is beneficial for weight loss. Firstly it keeps your insulin levels lower, especially if you eat low GI. When insulin levels are raised you can't release fat for use. Secondly, protein satiates your appetite so you won't get hungry; fat is necessary to replenish fat soluble vitamins (lean protein depletes the liver of vitamin A) and slows digestion too, so you feel satisfied for longer.


What is the question


Thank you everyone that has given helpful answers to my question, I am sticking to the 1400 cals and doing well - I have had occasions on day that I have went over and I have either cut back the following day or exercised more, im finding it ok to stick with as I have changed a few bad habbits and feel fuller taking protein instead of 2 choccy digestives! Many thanks again!


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