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Help! Week 3 and going out tonight for dinner - what to eat?

Going out for dinner the first time since starting the 12 week program and I don't know what to eat.

They are big drinkers and I used to be but over the years I've slowed down so this is already an issue now I will be trying to eat less tonight than I would normally so I can only imagine the comments I'm going to get.

We are going to a Thai restaurant - does anyone know what the lowest cal option would be for Thai?

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I haven't been to a Thai restaurant, but here's some tips for eating out in general:

> Have a look at the menu beforehand and try to figure out what would be the lower calorie option

> Go for diet options on drinks/limit your alcohol/don't have alcohol, or if you do drink, have a smaller version so a half instead of a pint, small glass instead of large glass. Also get a jug of tap water for the table to sip on as well

> Order sensibly, and just have a main course.

> I'm presuming thai has lots of noodles and fish dishes. Fish is good just watch for what type of sauce it comes in.

> Ask for a smaller portion of sides if possible

And most importantly, don't freak out! You can compensate for any extra calories buy doing extra exercise and reducing calorie intake over the next few days (maybe 100 per day).

Good luck


Thanks for your tips.

It all started out well and I ordered a grilled fish dish with steamed rice on the side, which we shared, but then it all went wrong on the drink front.

I ordered a jug of water for the table which I drank but I also drank more wine than I wanted to.

My friend has the habit of topping up your glass and with us chatting away I just didn't notice until I realised she had ordered another two bottles of wine!

At this point I stopped drinking and left my glass full so she couldn't top it up. Fortunately my other two friends had enough to drink not to notice that I had stopped drinking but the damage had been done. I feel awful today mostly because I have a mini hangover and also because I consumed empty calories I didn't want to. Such a waste!

But at least I stopped and I did enjoy myself.

I also felt better for ordering something different, something healthy and something that was tasty.

I also have a walk mapped out for lunchtime which may make no huge difference but should help to clear my head!

Onwards I go...


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