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How do you not destroy all the good work?

Well coming to the weekend of my second week and have been doing really well. Today have been to the seaside with my sons school and although I was full of good intensions yesterday I once again have come off plan. The other hurdle is that I now have a week off work. I really dont want to undo all the good work I have done over the last couple of weeks. you would think that as a grown woman I would be able to control these actions of sabitarge.

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Hi, don't be too hard on yourseld, my motto is if u slip off the wagon just go back on the next day. It happens to us all occasionally. Allow yourself some of your favourite treats ocasionally. Personally I try to have my treats at the weekenDs. For example I have my dadds roast dinner every sunday. I also love crisps which I absolutely cannot resist, I just try to buy the lighter options like walkers lights or baked crisps. Anyhow I wish you every success on your health plan x


Maybe you could fit in extra walking while weather nice and some home cooked healthy food as extra diversion and remember it took while to gain weight so it will to lose and once upon a time you'd not consider over eating as a slip up so you have already learnt where your gains come from. Slow journey means should be for keeps, think positive you've been more good than naughty then your winning :-) good luck


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