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Success Stories on 12 week NHS plan - need some inspiration, please


I'm on day 4 of week 2 and feeling a little low. Although doing well some negative and sad thoughts have crept in and I thought I might be lifted if I heard some inspiring success stories instead of reaching for a packet of crisps for comfort (ridiculous I know!)

After week one I'm now 91kgs so 14 stone 6lbs odd and have a fair way (+/- 30kgs/4stone) to go to be in my normal weight range.

I'm trying not to focus too much on the scales (rather my increased sense of well being by taking care of myself) but it is really hard not to dwell on these huge numbers that I need to overcome.

Please do share your stories, it would be very much appreciated from people who have been there.

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Hi SVR28,

I'm having a bit of a stressful day and don't feel anything like a "success story", but I started this on 11/1/2013.

I started because I'd watched the Hairy Dieters programmes over the Christmas / New Year break and realised - ah yes! it's that 'moment of realisation' - that they were probably not very much fatter than me at the start.

So motivated - or do I mean scared? - by that, I kind of had a eating habit hissy fit and chucked out all the obviously bad things - fried, sweet, creamy, sugary, chocolate-covered, empty-calorie stuff and woke up and smelt the coffee about my portion sizes.

Those things actually WERE why I was fat and why I was getting fatter. I'm coming up to the end of my week 19.

I started at just over 106 kgs and this morning I'm 84.5 kgs.

When I started I was buying 40 in waist trousers, I now comfortably wear 34 in waist trousers.

I've still got a few kgs to go to get to my 'normal' BMI, but I'm now much fitter, much lighter and I eat much more healthily than I used to.

Good luck with your weight loss journey - believe me, it's well worth any inconvenience 'en route'.

The destination is one real good place to be.


there's plenty of us on here at varying stages of the plan.

I 'finished' the 12 weeks about 3(?) weeks ago and am carrying on as I do need to lose more weight.

Also its easier to carry on, my diet has been changed and eating habits/portion sizes changed as well.

At the start of the plan I was 12st 9.6lbs, and size 18 (pushing 20).

As of Monday I'm at 11st 0.2lbs and size 12/14 (nearer to size 12).

So that's the best part of 2 stone in around 15 weeks.

I've had my moments of 'naughty' eating, weeks off for holidays, weight loss spurts, but I've done it, and will be in a size 10 in time for America this summer!

I'm currently dealing with a plateau in my weight, having been dodging the 11 stone mark for 2 weeks - so upping the intensity of my exercise.

Good Luck. :)

Hi, when i started i was a little heavier than you, just under 15 st.

I was motivated by a couple of things, but primarily my dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and i had chronic back pain.

I was at higher risk of developing diabetes cos i was obese...BMI 32 and a waist measurement of 92 cm.

Initially i started the C25K programme in May last year and tried to eat better...i noticed i became much more toned and really enjoyed the exercise. I started to watch my calories and most importantly my portion sizes, and slowly the weight came off.

Due to a hip issue i changed my exercise routine and now do a mix of cardio, yoga, running and weight and strength exercise 5-6 times a week, i pick something different every day cos i get bored very quickly. I also walk the dog for an hour each day, proper walking...i rarely stroll! I was a confirmed couch potato, but now i miss it if i dont do something each day...!

I have gone from a size 18 to a 12 (10 in the right shop!) my first pair of 12! I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans yesterday, confident they would fit, a great feeling!

This has not been quick, i wanted to change how i live my life and eat and my mindset when it comes to food. I didnt want just a quick fix! I have had slips and trips along the way, no one is perfect and where as before i would have given up, i just got back to it the next day.

You have to find what suits you, but it is so worth it, this morning i weighed 11 st..i have not been that weight in over 20 years. i have a waist of 78.5cm and my BMI is 26.4. I want to get it to 25 which is approx 10.4 st, but i will get there eventually.

I just got on with it, the first anyone knew was when i looked smaller! And the benefits...i feels better, happier and fitter, went to a concert last night and i was jumping around and dancing with the crowd...a massive massive change from a year ago!

You can do this, initially some days it sucks, id get fed up and want to eat...everything! But it gets better, and becomes habit to pick the healthier option, not the easier one! Think of this plan as a great place to start and figure out how to make it work for you in your life.

The best of luck. :)

Oh, there is a down side...its costing me a fortune in new clothes! ;)

Thank you all for your stories. I think I need to cut and past them and put them in my journal. They give me hope. From where you have all started to where you are now is just incredible and you all sound so positive for the future which makes me feel a lot better.

There is a crisp/sweet vending machine about 10steps away from my desk and this morning, before your stories, it was going to be one/two/three packets of crisps lighter and me one/two/three packets of crisps more unhappy.

Consider your stories having saved me this anguish!

Thank you

(I think I am going to pin some sort of picture on the vending machine as a deterent but I don't know what picture - no one else sits near me so they won't know it's me...)

xsallyx in reply to SVR28

vending machine can get you anytime,

Take your own snacks to work so you have more control.

Maybe aloud yourself a treat from the vending machine once every other week or once a month. You can add it to your daily intake.

I've added treats and am doing okay. I am now on week 14 and lost 17ibs so far.

I haven't done the 12 week plan as I started my weight loss before I found this site,

I read a lot from the NHS site and have changed my diet and portion size.

winners never quit and quitters never win.

Good luck

suzybenj1 stone

As someone looking in - I have to say inspired by all the stories and gave me something to think about as my weight is slowly coming off.

I guess part of what I have learnt is to ignore the bad days to comfort eat and ruin my effort. But I have many hiccups but i am concentrating on the downward trend.

On the crisp front my son introduced me to snacker jack sour cream and chive - they were good - plan to keep some handy for the snack attack days.

Best of luck to you and thanks for encouraging such great posts

I started on 26 January 2013 and lost 6kg/1 stone in 12 weeks. I've adopted new habits and continued with the new dietary system. My weight is stagnating now and I am happy with that. Now I just need to increase exercise level to lose 2kg more. As I am 37, I am happy that my weight loss was slow, steady and what is the most important healthy, so it did not have negative impact on my health, face or body.

Good luck. I am looking forward to your success story :)

2Bhappy thank you in particular for your last words - it hadn't occured to me that I would have a success story but you are right, I will one day, thank you.

Suzybenj and xsallyx I will get some of my own healthier snacks for my desk for my low moments - a good suggestion and so obvious I wonder why I didn't think of it myself but I wonder if when you are overweight you can't think straight about food sometimes - maybe it's just me!

I also like that saying "winners never quit and quitters never win" it says everything about how I want change the way I live my life going forward.

Have a great bank holiday everyone!

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