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Thursday weigh in

I've not been around for a while as i went on holiday to sunny Norfolk and have taken a couple of weeks to get back on track. I weighed in this morning and i've lost 1.4lb since last week. It's been 17 weeks since i restarted my weight loss journey so that makes a total of 30lb in 17 weeks and 90lb in total from my highest weight.

Heres to losing the next few pound and finally reaching a healthy BMI

Hope everyone is having a good week :o)

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Well done you!!magnificent weight loss. However, we do it - it is the downward trend that counts. I have my own mini battle coming up half term hols-and near the cusp of breaking a stone barrier.

So looks to me like you are well on track.

Wishing you happy healthy eating this weekend


Wow, that is fantastic, well done.

Looks like you're able to get yourself back on track and keep at it. How did you do it?


Well done :D keep going and im sure you'll get there!


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