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Start of week 2 - mixed feelings

Start of week two and feeling positive although have been more hungry today than I was any day last week. So I am using this blog as a way to stop me reaching for the cookie jar. I think one of the reasons I am feeling more hungry is I havent done any exercise today. Couple of reasons 1, went biking Saturday and Sunday for the first time in many a year and basically my bottom is a little sore. But I am disappointed with myself as I could have gone for a walk or worked out at home so I guess the answer to this one is tomorrow is a new day and exercise is at the top of the agender. 2, Feeling tired which I think lowers the termination in me. mind playing tricks.

Well the urge is passing and think I can enter the kitchen and have some water :-)

Must think how chuffed I will be with myself if I dont have anything and how disappointed I wil be if I do.

looking forward to my weetabix in the moring.


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allow yourself a treat and count it I have a milky way 86 calories and a packet of French fries 86 calories most days I need these in my life as a reward or I would just fail. I ve lost 24 lbs so far in 5 weeks by just walking and I am eating these just think if you go for a 30 min walk you can earn yourself a biscuit if you walk for an hour you can have a biscuit and burn calories :) Good luck this week


Hi missworld,

I'm rather hoping that was a bit a of a typo, as I make losing 24 lbs in 5 weeks about the same as losing 2 kgs a week, which is twice the maximum recommended rate of weight loss.

If it wasn't, I would suggest that you give some serious consideration to increasing you calorie intake to slow down your rate of weight loss.

The recommended rate loss (for a number of good reasons) is between about 1 to 2 lbs a week with 1 kg a week being maximum. That is, of course, 'on average', and we all have blips and spurts, and most people lose weight faster at first due to losing retained water.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


I ve been eating 1400 calories every day I ve just been doing lots of activities so its all good :)


Some foods keep you feeling fuller for longer.

I had hot cross buns in my early weeks and was looking for more food after,

I no longer buy them.

I don't exercise everyday, I aim tor 3/4 30+ a week.

Good luck with week two, you can do it.


Tiggernic - stop right there, do not feel disappointed in yourself, at all, ever! Not anymore. You should be saying "hey, I did two bike rides this weekend, fantastic me"

In my experience it's these little negative feelings that creep in that do all the damage to our otherwise good efforts. We are so used to beating ourselves up about our diet failings that we forget to recognise the good that we are doing for ourselves and our little successes and triumphs along the way.

Perhaps plan your exercise days so you know today is the day, rather than try to do too much in one go?

I'm also on week 2 and I didn't get up this morning to do my 10min cardio (my husband was snoring his head off last night and I was tired this morning) but I know I'm going for a walk at lunch time and will get up tomorrow morning to do my cardio. This is for life so one morning missed is not the end of the world because I know I want to change my life for good and that's simply that!

As for feeling hungrier today perhaps have a look at what you've got planned for the day and see if you can bulk it up with more fibre (week 1) and vegetables on the side? You may be slightly over your calorie count for one day but it will be "good" calories and it will stop you reaching for snack foods that will blow the whole thing.

Missworld has made a good point as well - try to work in food you actually like. Feeling like you can't do or eat something will just make you want it so much more. I've discovered it's all about balance.

Good luck, remember why you are doing this and stay firm in your resolve.


Hi tigggermic,

Remember that this really is about changing habits from 'bad' eating habits (wrong things, eating when you're not hungry/don't need to, over-sized portions, etc.) to 'good' ones.

And chucking any habit does take a bit of focus and effort. But, you know, as you get more used to the new ones, they become easier to follow.

But there are strategies to help with the period of adapting like having a simple light low-calorie snack, a Ryvita with a bit of 'lightest' soft cheese on it will - as my old mum would have said - "skate the hunger off of you".

And that might be better than brazening it out and finding later that you cave in and eating something with a lot more calories in it! But it all depends on how it works for you.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


Going hungry is not fun - and will make us give in to temptaion. I tend to have four meals a day - 3 that are very calorie controlled - and pretty boring - but means I have some measure of control. But I do allow myself 200 calories for a 'treat'. Most days at 5 00ish it is an atkins bar and a danone actimel yogurt. Both have a sweet taste, and keep me sated to dinner time. Apples and oranges are low GI and filling. I also drink quite a lot of fizzy low cal drinks - which provide the taste but not the calories. But I defintely have my down days too.....Feel like I need to take my own advise!


Take each day as it comes. Dont beat yourself up if u have a bad day. My consultant says think of seven beautiful roses. If one died you wouldnt chuck the whole bunch away.


sc24 - that is a great thought and so true. I'm going to keep that in mind.


thank you for the comments they are all very useful and wise. today has been a much better day, I had breakfast which I know is very important it just sometimes slips by without me noticing. Had a good dinner of salad, rice and tuna followed by strawberrys and blueberrys which kept me going until teatime, Had rice and fish which was in a batter which I love but have took into account a" little of what you like". Work out for 35minutes to a DVD together with light weeding in the garden.

Super is going to be strawberrys with suger free jelly yummy :-)

Each day is a journey towards a better life style!


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