My weight lose journey

After having 6 people tell me I have gained weight in the last 2 weeks I brought a scale from John Lewis yesterday and yes I have unfortunately put on 10kg! I currently weight 12 stone 02lbs.

Everyone keeps telling me I look fine especially my lovely husband! But I know I can do more.

Target weight will be 10stones 02lbs (65kg).

Today 20/05/2013 marks day one of this journey. My target weight goal check is 20/11/2013. So I have 6 months to get in shape!

I am a newly wed being a bride for almost 2 months but not going to use that as an excuses! I love being a size 10/12 and love my 32DD. But I also know that I could get confortable and lazy!

So my goal is to get motivated by other people's stories and actually check out what NHS is doing to help people lose weight!

I do not have £50 for a gym or £35 for weight watchers, I have a great disciple and I am ready for a change!

The picture was taken 28/04/2013- My last birthday... :)


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4 Replies

  • Hi yummyjummy,

    Time to get on the weight loss bus then!

    There's lots of good and free advice on the NHS Choices live well lose weight pages including a free 12 week plan and theres lots of good stuff on these blogs, mainly from people who are also on a weight loss journey.

    Both are worth a good read.

    2 stone over 6 months is quite a moderate weight loss and well within recommended weight loss rates.

    Good luck with your weight loss efforts.

    I been riding the bus since January 11th and have lost about 21 kgs and feel just soooo much better for it. (Should have done it years ago!)

  • You do look fine! Have you calculated your BMI? I have lost just over 2st since January Good luck and just keep chipping away, my goal date was calculated as 11 June but as this is a lifestyle change for me I am not on a diet as such but a new eating regime and I haven't denied myself any meals out at least one a week - or celebrations (my 50th most noticeably). I have 10lbs to go but with a girls weekend planned fri-Monday this week I am not looking for movement next week! My goal is a healthy BMI 25 :)

  • nice, sincere blog... good luck :)

  • good luck !!

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