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My weight lose journey

After having 6 people tell me I have gained weight in the last 2 weeks I brought a scale from John Lewis yesterday and yes I have unfortunately put on 10kg! I currently weight 12 stone 02lbs.

Everyone keeps telling me I look fine especially my lovely husband! But I know I can do more.

Target weight will be 10stones 02lbs (65kg).

Today 20/05/2013 marks day one of this journey. My target weight goal check is 20/11/2013. So I have 6 months to get in shape!

I am a newly wed being a bride for almost 2 months but not going to use that as an excuses! I love being a size 10/12 and love my 32DD. But I also know that I could get confortable and lazy!

So my goal is to get motivated by other people's stories and actually check out what NHS is doing to help people lose weight!

I do not have £50 for a gym or £35 for weight watchers, I have a great disciple and I am ready for a change!

The picture was taken 28/04/2013- My last birthday... :)

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Hi yummyjummy,

Time to get on the weight loss bus then!

There's lots of good and free advice on the NHS Choices live well lose weight pages including a free 12 week plan and theres lots of good stuff on these blogs, mainly from people who are also on a weight loss journey.

Both are worth a good read.

2 stone over 6 months is quite a moderate weight loss and well within recommended weight loss rates.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.

I been riding the bus since January 11th and have lost about 21 kgs and feel just soooo much better for it. (Should have done it years ago!)


You do look fine! Have you calculated your BMI? I have lost just over 2st since January Good luck and just keep chipping away, my goal date was calculated as 11 June but as this is a lifestyle change for me I am not on a diet as such but a new eating regime and I haven't denied myself any meals out at least one a week - or celebrations (my 50th most noticeably). I have 10lbs to go but with a girls weekend planned fri-Monday this week I am not looking for movement next week! My goal is a healthy BMI 25 :)


nice, sincere blog... good luck :)


good luck !!


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