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Join me for Monday Weigh-in (20th May 2013) :-)

I've gained a pound in weight this week, so currently weigh 14 stone 2.8 pounds. I know why that happened as I've eaten out more than I usually would - and had three courses. I tried to choose 'good' choices, but having three courses instead of two definitely adds to the calories. Next week should be better as I don't have any meals out planned! Cooking my own meals will give me a bit more control on my intake.

I am therefore hoping to get back to losing weight again this week - I am keeping up with my exercise and choosing healthy foods generally.

I would like to lose 1 to 2 pounds this week - will aim for 2 pounds.

Good luck to everyone for this week.

Lowcal :-)

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Sorry to hear about your weight gain but at least you know where it has come from which is a good start. It sounds like you enjoyed your meal out which is great but you have also figured out that perhaps next time two courses is better than 3. We can't stop living because of a diet.

This is week two for me and I weigh-in on Sunday evenings. I have lost 3lbs in my first week, my waist is the same. I have gained exercising and moving more, being aware of my portion sizes and calorie intake.

Following the programme in week two it's about even more exercise so here goes.

I'm pleased about my weight loss but it is early days yet and I am determined to make this a lifestyle change and am trying not to concentrate so much on my weight rather the health changes I am making to my life, so the exercise, the control over what I am doing and the general sense of well being I am experiencing, in a way, is better than what that evil little scale tells me. Although weight is a good indicator that we are doing the right thing!

My thought for this journey - "We are what we repeatedly do"

Well done on your weight loss so far and have a wonderful week!


Hi Lowcal / SVR28,

That's an interesting idea "we are what we repeatedly do".

You see, when you become overweight - which for most people rather creeps up on you - your body actually adapts to that situation by changing the amounts of various hormones that you produce which in turn have an effect upon fat storage, fat burning, feeling full, feeling hungry, etc.

Mostly those changes can be reversed either by losing weight, or by exercise/ activity.

However, one of them, ghrelin, which has an effect on how hungry you are doesn't get 're-set' when you lose weight. So, to some degree, once you've been overweight, you will always notice being hungry a bit more than someone who has never been overweight.

That's probably why losing weight does take some amount of commitment / effort / focus / perseverence and, of course, the strategy of setting yourself up with better and healthier eating and exercise/activity regimes and habits, helps to counter that potential resistance to weight loss caused by the ghrelin.

But for the other hormones, then I would say that "we are what we repeatedly do" is only too true. If we repeatedly do 'overweight' things, we will remain overweight (and probably increase our weight), whereas, if we repeatedly do "slim" things, we'll increasingly become slim.

Good luck with your weight loss journeys.


well my weigh in today ive gained 1lb :( primarily id put this down to two things this week - skipping meals and not drinking enough fluids.

all week ive been sitting between 900-1100 cal and maybe only managing about a litre a day. Ive been stressed out as my son is really not well and ive been visiting doctors and hospital etc and my sleep pattern has gone out the window, ive been so preoccupied I havent prepared breakfasts for work and been skipping it instead and skipped lunch a few times too opting for the breakfast option when ive hit 1pm and realised Ive not ate for the day.

my sleep this week has been disturbed as well partly because of the stress and partly because its also TOTM and ive had the worst cramps which in turn has aggrivated my back and shoulder injury which in turn has caused my migraines to kick back in and have any of you ever tried eating on tramadol ? eurgh cant stomach much so opted for the sugary rush from fruit which is filling but low in calories !!!

but hey loads of support this week from my bf who is looking after the wee fella for me all week and has my weeks meals all decided for me he went shopping yesterday and picked up everything he needs to help me get back on track :)

I seriously have to say that when things get hard its really important to have someone there to support you, if you dont have anyone close to you then Id say joining a group of sorts is defo the way to go. being able to log on here for advice and a whinge and have my bf is making this so much easier


Hi everyone,

Firstly, thanks to you SVR28 for your very positive comments. You've done really well this week, and I wish you every success for next week. You have a really positive outlook, and I am sure it will help you to succeed.

Thanks Doikosp for your comments, and also for mentioning the hormone called 'ghrelin' - I admit I'd never heard of that hormone before, but it sounds very interesting to hear how it affects the appetite. I think it should be called a 'gremlin!!!'

Hi also to Geemel79 - it sounds like you've had a very tough time this week, and I really hope that your son feels better soon, and that the doctors can get to the bottom of things. It was also my TOTM this week, and I can really empathise with you on the horrible effect of cramps. Really hope you feel better soon. Great that your boyfriend is so supportive.

Wishing you all a great week, and thanks for your supportive comments.

Lowcal :-)


Keep going girls (and guys)! Well I had the most enormous lamb shank on Sunday and gave myself payback today and had to exercise like hell not sure it was worth it (can't resist a bargain and they were reduced at Sainsburys butcher) so 1 hour of spin, 1hour Zumba toning, 1 hour of walking, and 30mins of regular Zumba, I am back to my lowest weight of the last week 12st 6lb - 10lbs to go but maintainance only for me this week as girlie 4 day break planned, I am diabetic so will find it easy to pass on the sweets and biscuits, but there will be wine, cheese, cashews and gin :(


well done prin, and i think if you dont have a night off every now and then to enjoy a treat no diet will last as it needs to be something youcan live with and personally i cant live without my ocassional sunday roast and im renound for them, im always getting requests of when im cooking. on the plus side this morning when I weighed myself on my own scales Im another 1/2lb down on my own scales ! I weigh myself on the same spot every morning and before I go to bed sounds obsessive but gives me a better understanding of how each different type of food afects my weight hence now i avoid as much carbs and dairy as possible. Although in work is my official weigh in the more I go for my weekly weigh in the less I take value in it as the scales are never in the same place twice and turns out everyone gained yesterday ! so either last weeks weigh in took too much off us all(bar one guy who gained) or the scales arent very reliable ! now going to start going to boots every other friday morning on my day off to use their scales !

but again as im hearing all the time dont take too much notice of the scales as the inches are flying off me even when they weight isnt !!! and its in all the right places :) (boobs still intact YAAAASSSSS)


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