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Eating food you enjoy

Finally realised whatever 'type' of diet I'm on it will never last long term if I'm eating foods I don't like particularly or too restrictive in what I'm allowed to eat since being more sensible and just encouraging myself to up the healthier foods and cut down ( not give up) on the less healthy I feel more in control and like its a lifestyle I can continue. There is no simple one type of diet suits all as we are all different but its worth the journey towards health to start try :-)

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Hi Aussieblues,

Yeah, there's some value in that.

It reminds me of the old joke about medication compliance, where the psychiatrist says something along the line of "Oh well, Mrs Smith's depression hasn't responded to her not taking Nardil, let's see how it'll respond to her not taking Prozac!"

The "diet", weight loss regime, or whatever that you can stick to, just has to be more useful than the one you abandon.

And different personalities will find it easier or harder to stick to a regime of any sort.

But with the huge variety of different people in all sorts of different lifestyle and social situations, even if everyone was perfectly compliant, you'll still not be able to have a 'one size fits all' approach to weight loss.

Which is why I, for one, don't quite do the 12 week plan as it is written, 'cos I've kind of adapted it a bit to suit my situation, which is why I weight myself every morning.

(I'm sorry folks, but I just can't do all that exact calorie counting stuff - life's too short! Hey, but if you guys can, then great for you!)

All the best with your weight loss efforts.


Thanks it's great that you worked out a diet/healthy eating plan that works your weight loss is amazing. I know I have to exercise as desk bound job to help me and I've been putting all sorts of excuses not to go weekends but tomorrow I'll get back into the good habit/routine I know will help me :-)


Hi Aussieblues: I think the new eating regime you have reinstated and feel more in control about is ideal!!! Lucky you!!! Very sensible. Unfortunately I can only do restrictive as the more sensible eating regimes get me pigging out - but I do exercise by doing a bit of salsa (for beginngers) to some early numbers, 1958 is my fave. Were you born then yet? Thanks for your input. And doing a sedentary job makes exercise difficult to fit in - but perhaps a walk during your lunch-hour might help? All So nice to hear of a sensible approach to losing weight slowly... All the best, D.x


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