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Tomorrow is another day

My down full is cake, and today I had four different kinds.

there was two people celebrating there birthdays at a lunch club i go too. = twp pieces of cake, only one was the wrong cake so we had a third to bring home, i could of saved it for tomorrow but the fresher the cake the better the taste, I eat it.

then a friend gave me some cake for our son's as her son is staying at mine tonight, will i felt the need to taste that too.i've also had a chocolate twirl.

i'm now kicking myself. Why did i do that. I still have cake in my diet is not as if i've not been eating it. Looks like im having a prawn salad tomorrow.

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Eating sweet food increases the craving for sweet foods. Have a plan; only very thin slices, and or bin it? You'll be surprised how liberating it is to recognise food as being processed, then don't buy it, don't accept it, and bin it!

Don't beat yourself up, just start asap.


Hi xsallyx,

I kind of agree with Concerned - the more biscuits and cakes you eat, the more of them you'll want to eat! And this journey is about changing those sorts of habits.

But there are ways of managing the situation.

"Sorry, I don't do cakes any more", isn't a bad strategy.

"Thanks, I'll save that for later", and give it away to someone else.

"Oh, that's too big a bit for me, let's share this bit and you can have that other bit later / take it home with you", but you don't actually get around to eating the bit you cut off for yourself.

My other half uses strategies like that if she's given chocolates. She's allergic to chocolate, you see, but doesn't want to cause offence if someone buys her some. She also always manages to 'pass' in the office when the birthday/leaving/ whatever cakes are doing the rounds.

Whilst it's o.k. to have high-calorie treats, you do have to keep them to small amounts and to very occasionally, or you'll just take in too many calories.

I just don't do cakes anymore and I've limited myself to two 'lite' Digestive biscuits a day (and the dog gets some of those!)


Your dog must be getting fat then! I sat in the vets the other day...yearly vaccinations and apparently a biscuit to a dog is about 3 muffins for us. :)


I now pass mostly on cakes and things bought to meetings. Even the ones I love. My main thought is often - is it worth the calories -often not. I usually carry an atkins bar in my bag - just in case i feel weak willed!! On the other hand the beautiful homemade lemon cake in the week - was worth the calories - but I had a scant small square which was delicious.

Good luck.x


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