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Anyone got any ideas for low cost, non food 'rewards'?


I am new to the realisation I have been rewarding myself with food, bad idea, so I need other things to get the same feeling.

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A pad, a pen, and let your imagination wander...


Clothes, music, taking in a show, a walk by the river, meeting up with old friends, a hug and a cuddle, trip to a museum or art gallery - perhaps in another town/city, a boat ride, going dancing, getting in a game of tennis, or bowls or doing some swimming or rowing or horse-riding. Hey, it really all depends on what presses your buttons, 8kgtyre!

And many things that you might "make a day of" and that being part of the reward.

What would be really good is to focus on some sort of activity/interest that would also act as a distraction to any temptation you might have to comfort or boredom eat. I mean it might be that OU course that you never got around to doing

And, as you lose weight and your body feels lighter, you may find you interest and willingness to take part in some more physically active things increases. So it might be that half-marathon that you always promised yourself you'd have a go at one day, or 'doing' the Great Glen Way, or decorating that second bedroom.

Whatever you choose - enjoy. Good luck with your weight loss journey.

A bubble bath, some soothing music & a face mask ..makes you feel pampered & for a couple of pounds :) or a fave of mine to go to a museum or gallery which are free & surround yourself with beautiful things and amazing history . Good luck x

how about finding ur local colleges for hair and beauty. my daughter did beauty I had manicures, waxing ,eye brow tinting they do loads of nice pampering treatments for just afew pounds and your helping these girls to get qualified , I left my name and phone no with the college and as the girls need models for qualifying they send me a .txt message with a list of what they need doing .I had a false nails done it's £35 in the sallon ,it was €10 at the college

A clothing voucher from a clothing store even if its thr equivelent of a takeaway value.

I give myself 'time for me' as a reward. I do not feel guilty then, it is my reward. For me time doing arts and crafts helps - it feeds my soul whilst the weightloss and exercise feeds my body. There are quite a few free online art journal courses and it helps me to do this whilst trying to sort the body out too. Good luck x

Before you head for the biscuit tin for a reward make yourself a hot drink - tea ,coffee or a low cal hot choc then while you're drinking it take 20 minutes with a book or magazine for a bit of 'me time'. You will have had a reward and been good!!

AussiebluesRestart October 2019 in reply to ali-may

I love this idea, I think distraction is great when I'm in picky mode and chilling out and reading will keep hands and mind busy, thanks great idea :-)


Hi Folks,

I was thinking a bit about how many of us kind of get "trained2 to expect food rewards from an early age, "for being good".

And I was also thinking about pets, especially dogs, and those whose owners over-reward and over-treat them so that they become very overweight and the phrase "killing it with kindness" came to mind.

Perhaps those of us who were brought up in families who did the food (sweets, chocolate, ice-cream, cake) reward thing should from time to time just ask ourselves, are we 'killing ourselves with kindness'?

It kind of takes the attractiveness off of that next treat, doesn't it?

All the best with your weight loss journeys.

nettyk in reply to Hidden


You are right there, that does happen to some kids / pets, lots of people mistakenly think its kind to feed (show love). I have a very weird 'relationship' with food due to my upbringing. For years I swung between starving, binging and purging. I don't actively do this any more, but sometimes I still struggle with the subsidiary feelings. We have to learn how to show love and respect to ourselves, in other ways other than food. Living a healthy lifestyle is a great start.

Best wishes everyone :-)

I would say things to give you inspiration and keep you motivated. Like a fitness magazine, an exercise DVD (Jillian Michaels are great and pretty cheap on Amazon), a book, work-out gear, new music. I don't know your gender but if female a new lipstick or nail varnish perhaps?!

Good luck, keep up the good work x

Hi, hope these are helpful. Scented candles from poundland. Magazines from charity shops. Books from library (free). Putting your feet up and listening to music / silence. Massage with nice cream (could be yourself or Russel Crowe. A vivid imagination helps here). And most of all, give yourself the reward of actively thinking of all you've achieved so far. Good luck. I too am trying to break the cycle of comfort eating. Which reminds, me, week 4 'food cravings' is helping me enormously. Good luck to ya.

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