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Positivity thanks to MFP

Using My Fitness Pal to log calories turns out to be very similar to the Weight Watchers app. I think back when I first tried it the database of food wasn't as comprehensive as it is now, and I would spend a lot of time inputting nutrient values and calories and it would take AGES to track food, but now it's basically all there already :)

It's amazing what a change I feel after 4 days, though I'm slightly worried for the future. I've never been able to stick it out with flat out calorie counting before, and yet here I am again. My best friend had suggested WW as an easy program to follow and really effective, but even though I was following the program to a T I wasn't losing any weight after 8 weeks. Perhaps it just wasn't the program for me after all..

Anyways, back to MFP and how I'm feeling. I think my favourite thing about it is that when you 'complete' your entry for the day it says 'if every day were like today you'd weigh .... in 5 weeks.'

It's brilliant! On Monday it told me that I would be 73kg in 5 weeks, yesterday it said 72kg, and today it said 70.5kg! Now, I think that's hugely optimistic, and the difference is due to me checking my weight every day this week, but it's still very encouraging, especially as the wedding is 5 weeks and 2 days from now!!

And as a last minute add-on to this blog post... I bought a groupon voucher to try 5 sessions of laser lipo. I'm chalking it up to wedding-madness, but what it does is allow you to target where you lose the fat. You still need to burn off all the calories with exercise and healthy eating, but it forces the fat cells wherever you want to become porous and allows the fatty acids out into the lymphatic system to be burned off, meaning you can actually spot reduce! Wedding in 5 weeks and I want to lose a bit more of my belly.. well, 1.5cm loss in less than an hour tonight in the first session, and 4 more sessions over the next 2 weeks yet to go. I will definitely report back, though I'm still a firm believer in doing the work to lose weight. If I wasn't getting married and going to be in a natural-waisted dress and the focus of loads of photographs, I doubt I'd even consider this.

Ahh well, onwards and downwards everyone!

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Well done. I think MFP pretty good -I use it mostly to keep an eye on things and when I plateau I check out my sugar and carb levels. Usually dropping sugur starts the weight loss again. Yes slow -but steady weightloss has to the way fwd as it means you can sustain it. I don't really talk about diet anymore -I think of it as lifestyle for the future slimmer/healthier me.

Good luck -and keep us posted .xx


I have to say that using MFP, has made losing weight so much easier. It makes total sense, rather than depriving myself of something, I'm focusing on keeping to my calorie allowance every day. Loving it.


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