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Exercise that doesn't cost the earth

Feeling positive today, eaten well and bought the biggest loser workout DVD from the Poundshop of all places and I can honestly say as a 17st 9lb at a height of 5'3" it was really fun to work out to. I'm not one for the Gym so working out at home is perfect at the moment. The cardio workouts got me sweating and a little out of breath and I am looking forward to being able to do the harder workouts the slimmer and fitter I get. And its true you do feel better about yourself after some exercise. So for £1 I feel positve and for the first time in ages actually feel good about myself even before I start seeing any results from actual weight loss.

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Well done ! , you keep doing the excersice you will soon feel better and brisk walking is also free and something that you can do alone--- lighter evenings so a half hour walk after dinner will make you feel good x


will I will be off to Poundland this weekend to see if I can find a copy as you sound so inspired by it. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring others and good luck


Well done, I will also take a trip to poundland this week. What a bargain! X


Hi tiggernic,

Good one!

I'm not a great believer of "throwing money" at problems - no, not even the excess weight problem.

In fact, chucking out the rubbish from my diet and bringing down the portion sizes has helped me cut down my food bills somewhat!

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


I'm also a believer in cheap/free workouts - but I'm more into getting outside, whether for a jog or a long walk, or just doing yoga at home. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of workout DVDs, though. I find that I get bored of them very quickly.

So glad you're finding something that works for you, though!


Walking is next on the agender now the lighter nights are here, together with just getting out and having fun with family. :-)


It's amazing how much more time I spend outside just because of the amount of daylight. My dog gets more than twice the amount of walks now than she did mid-winter!


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