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Feels like ages!

Since I was on here, that is. 24 April was my last blog entry, and now 3 weeks later I'm still reporting the same thing. As of Monday this week I was up at 76.5kg, which is rather annoying, as I had been 75kg on 1 May and knew there was no way I'd fallen off the wagon like I had on the Easter weekend.

Fed up with my lack of progress, I decided on Monday to quit WW and try calorie counting again. I know that I end up spending an unhealthy amount of time thinking about food when I count calories, but I feel like for the next few weeks I might as well suck it up and spend the time on it, as I am desperate to make progress. Calorie-counting and keeping to a 1200 calorie a day limit (unless I exercise, in which case I'll eat something extra to keep me going) is not something sustainable for the long term, which is why I had avoided it before, but for the next 5 weeks I think I'll just have to try to keep at it and only ease up to 1400 after the wedding.

3 days after my annoying Monday weigh in I'm now 75.3kg, which really just goes to show that Monday was most likely just an off-day due to bloating or what not.

My modest goal of reaching 73kg by the wedding has turned into a huge goal now, unfortunately. Back in mid-January it meant losing 5.5kg, which was on average only 1/2 lb/week, and now with 5.5 weeks to go it would mean losing 1lb/week.

It's doable, I know it is. I feel like Weight Watchers allowed me to eat too much fruit, bizarrely. I was eating a very healthy diet, but with a heck of a lot of 'free' fruit and veg, which didn't count towards my daily food intake. Now that I'm back to calorie counting, I find I'm eating far less fruit, though I still have some. I would hazard a guess that I was consuming closer to 1600-1800 calories a day on WW, so hopefully my more restrictive intake will restart my weight loss.

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Nice to see you back again :)

I'm sure you'll do it - and I think you're about the same height as me and although you are probably classed as overweight I bet you're not far off!

I'm down at around 70kgs ish which is more than I'd like and just at the border of healthy/overweight and I'm being told I look too skinny!

You'll have to post a picture of you in your dress :)


fruits are full with fruit sugar so u have to watch your daily sugar intake is well


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