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where did i go wrong

right this is how many calories and exercise i did last week. could someone tell me why i put 2lbs on last week .

mon: 1.233 30mins yoga

tues: 1.745 20mins yoga

wed: 873 3hrs walking

thur: 1.400 3.5 hrs walking

fri: 885 50 min yoga

sat: 1.196 30 mins yoga

sun: 988 nothing

was really good didnt pick at anything kept to 3 meals aday and had fruit at night drink loads of water. would love anyone advise thanks

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Hi shakirafin,

There's now way of knowing for definite what is going on with your body, but in general here are some points to consider:

> Your calorie intake looks quite erratic, up and down over the week, and 3 days of it it is very low and would be classed as a VLCD which are not recommended unless under medical supervision. What may be happening is your body just doesn't have enough fuel and instead of burning fat will store it.

> Walking - at what pace? You have 6.5 hours clocked up but was all of it strenuous enough to count as vigorous aerobic activity?

> Yoga - great for core strength and flexibility but would not be classed as aerobic activity really.

> Water retention or bloating - if that affects you

> Are you sure you counted everything that you ate and properly?

> How long and how much you have to lose will affect the amount of calories/exercise you need. Its pretty easy in the beginning to lose weight as you have so much excess but as you get nearer your goal you usually need to adjust

But again - I don't have you age, general fitness, weight, BMI etc to hand. It may be that you are not able to do anything other than yoga and walking at the moment, so keep on doing that if that is the case for you.

I would say try and get closer to the 1400/1900 cal daily intake recommended on the NHS website for the 12 week plan everyday: you're averaging at <1200 per day at the minute.

See how you do with that and keep up the exercise, if that doesn't work it may be time to up the intensity of your workout.


hi thanks for reply answers

am 30

weight 12stone 4lbs

most days am out walking/cleaning etc and i try to do yoga or aerobic dvd each day for 30 mins


Hi shakirafin,

I think the first thing you need to come to terms with is that human body weight loss is not a perfectly mathematical thing.

Your body takes food in, it excretes waste out and a myriad of chemical and biological things are going on in it 24 hours a day.

Basically, when you create a calorie deficit - that is when you take in less calories than the sum of the calories you expend on activity/exercise and that are needed to maintain you current body mass, then you encourage your body to go into fat burning mode. That is, you're getting your body to run on not just glycogen (stored carbohydrate) but to also to use some of your stored fat as fuel. Thus your body fat percentage and therefore your body mass/weight goes down.

The exercise/activity bit helps to get the body to burn a higher percentage of fat with the glycogen, if done at the right sort of level.

However, fat storage and fat burning, like many other body functions, including feeling hungry or full, are controlled by hormones and the like, and the secretion of those can be effected by many factors like stress, sleeplessness, infections, alcohol, etc., etc

And that's why most people's weight loss journeys have their 'blips', 'spurts' and plateau.

In my personal experience, I usually find that if my weight loss slows down for a couple or a few days, it usually picks up again later.

Other than that, I'd agree with bundlebeaz comments.

(I thought I'd answered this one already - but my post seems to have disappeared!)

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Brain function and anaerobic activity demand glycogen. Otherwise, your body will quite happily burn fat, provided you don't keep releasing insulin into the bloodstream.


Hi shakirafin,

In respect of the "drink loads of water" - you may find this link helpful:



Have you considered that your body obtains energy chemically, and controls it hormonally? Counting calories is of limited use if you don't consider the quality of what you're eating, and how it affects your insulin levels for instance.


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