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My fight with this bloody belly!


Im 18 from Stirling and im 17.9 stone, i have always been a bit heavier as a young teen but in the past year i would say i have put on at least 2 and a half stone due to a bad end in a long term relationship, i find comfort in food and often turn a blind eye to what im eating. I do not exercise... AT ALL, i know this is ridiculous for my age but im sick off it and starting tomorrow im going to change. I will be weighing myself every friday and hopefully see some results. My calorie intake is going to be at a target off 1500, i also think one off the major issues is the amount off binge drinking i indulge in at weekends, any recommendations for switching drinks, or trying to cut down!

I will also update my BMI every Wednesday.


Exercise- 2 mile walk in 1 hour

Calorie intake- Around 1000

BMI- 35.43

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The fact that you are on here is a great start. I remember well what it was like to party at the weekends, any day really, when I was your age. Even now it is difficult to order a Becks Blue, or slimline tonic and vodka with friends around but if you are serious about losing weight and feeling better about life it's just got to be done. There is nothing more empty in calories than alcohol and then there is the morning after when all that needs to be eaten is an enormous fry up and it doesn't stop there for the rest of the day does it.

As for exercise it is never easy in the beginning so start off slow. Try having a look at the exercise suggestions and 10min exercises on the NHS website - these can be done in the privacy of your own room and once you feel like you are progressing with them, get out onto the road for a brisk walk, possibly even a jog. It is doable and very rewarding once you get going. A quiet, brisk walk clears the head and can be quite envigorating allowing you to stay positive and motivated.

You know you need to put that relationship behind you, I don't need to tell you that. I am guilty of comfort eating as well, but whatever the problem eating doesn't ever make it go away or magically make it better.

That relationship is part of your history but it doesn't need to be a part of your future.



I was about the same weight as you 4 weeks ago now I am 15 stone 12lb all I have done is walk walk walk walk and eat my 1500 calories as simple as that you can do it and will feel great for it too. Good luck hun xxx


I signed up yesterday too and have 3 Stone to lose. We all need to start somewhere so very best of luck! You seem determined and motivated!


Hi kevinferguson,

Great! You've recognised that you need to change things and take control of your eating and exercise/activity habits. THAT is a major step forward in itself.

There's lots of good advice on the NHS pages including a free 12 week plan have a read around the following pages, the information will serve as a good basis and guide for your weight loss journey.




There's also lots of support and good advice on these blogs, mainly from people who are on weight loss journeys themselves.

The key to losing weight, in my view, isn't to ask 'how do I set about losing weight?', but is to ask yourself 'What made me put this weight on in the first place?'

Whatever bad habits you had with your eating or exercise/ activity, it's time to ditch them for better ones. So start by being brutally honest about what you eat and drink and how much of it. And I really do mean E V E R Y single thing. Include the gravies, sauces, toppings too - they're often the most calorific bits. Include the chocolate bars and the crisps and the cakes and biscuits and the bread - ALL of it. And is that a human size portion, or was that a serving for two or three people?

Getting your head honestly and truthfully around that will be really helpful to you.

I don't eat anything like the amount I used to, I don't eat all the rubbish I used to shovel down my gob, and I now eat sensible (and sensibly-sized) tasty and nutritious meals.

I've lost - since 11th January - about 20 kgs and I feel so very much better for it that it's hard to put into words.

It's like I'm now walking around in someone else's body - a much lighter, fitter, and better body.

Yeah, o.k., I've still got about 6 kgs to go to reach the 'normal' BMI band

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

Trust me - it's well worth any effort or inconvenience it seems at first to cause you. Take control of your eating and exercise/activity now and you'll be in control of it for the rest of your life.


Hello everyone, thank you for the support and comments, i am also using


so if you want to keep track on my progress ill update that more i think, thank you


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