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Sunday Weigh In!

Sunday Weigh In!

One week on I weighed myself on Sunday morning & I lost 2lbs so that was a morale booster. Even my trousers & skirts tell me yes there was a slight change. So fingers crossed, the next weigh in is Sunday. I wish myself lots of luck. I am trying to do this gradually & eating all foods that I like but in moderation as my goal is not to starve to loose weight but to maek this a life time change of my eating habits. I do attend a lot of meetings but now I nibble on the fruits rather than the biscuits & always try to carry an apple or small box of raisins or raw carrots in my bag in case there are no fruits or I get hungry during my volunteering day. Ciao until next Monday when I give an update. Hope you all had a great weekend! I sure did!

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Well done on the weight loss. Another thing to do at your meetings is drink plenty of water.

I personally like to suck on sugar free mints as it deters me from nibbling on snacks.

Good luck this week.


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