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Week? Given up counting the weeks as I am in for the long term

Weight 13st 1/2 lb so lost half pound last week, 13.5lbs altogether.

Waist 89cm lost 2cm last week, 6.5cm altogether

Wow, talk about mixed results. Small weight loss but a good waistline reduction.

Disappointed with the weight but at least its started going down again.

Many bloggers talk of My Fitness Pal so I decided to give it a go. Got a bit of a shock with the amount of sugar in my diet and how much I exceed what I should be having. But biggest shock was fat. I am on a low fat diet and although I don't exceed my daily 'limit', I come very close. Amazing little app and an eyeopener!

Good luck everyone this week.

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Well done on your weight loss. I too am in for the long haul - slow and steady. Hopefully this means it can be maintained. You are very close to the 13 stone milestone - and will soon be saying 12st something.

My fitness pal - I am obsessed with, I look at all the reports I can - I have been tracking for six months - which is illuminating on all fronts.

Really well done for hanging on in there


Hi suzyben,

I think My fitness pal is brilliant.

Good luck with continuing progress. I Amin for the long haul too, needs must.


Hi tubby til

I weigh about the same as you, 13 stone. As I am only five feet tall, need to lose weight!

I am a bit gloomy 'cos not lost weight the last two weeks. I am putting it down to possibly needing higher dose levothyroxine, for my thyroid. My feet have been very cold and I have been sleeping more than normal,I went to have blood sample taken last Friday, so hopefully will be able to too higher dose.

On a brighter note, my husband has been put on a low fat diet, so I might get more support (or not) lol


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