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new here so thought i would say hey!

hey all

started my weight loss journey 3 weeks ago now, havent done much yet but have started to lose weight.

week 1- 0 pounds lost

week 2- 1 pound lost

week 3 - 3 pounds lost

current weight 11 st 10.8 ib

im a 20 year old female who is fed up of feeling/looking fat and this year i have vowed to myself that i will lose weight and tone up.

been doing quite good the main thing was sorting my eating out and fitting more regular exercise into my week so i can actually burn the calories im consuming, i have been doing muay thai kickboxing on and off for three and a half years now and love it but i am moving up north (at the moment i live in sunny cornwall :) ) to go to university so will miss the club loads, on the plus side there are loads of gyms that are fairly cheap where im going to be living so hopefully this will boost my exercise goals and ill be happy in no time!!!

hope everyone is doing ok with their weight loss journeys!! will report back every monday



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Well done - good weight loss. Slow and steady. This is a good time to take stock and decide how you want to live your life. University can mean rather chaotic living - so practising healthy eating and how to keep your weight under control is a good start. If you are into charts and analysis - my fitness pal - is a good place to look at your daily trends and what feels like what should be a normal calorie intake.

I am hoping myself, oneday- I will be less obsessed with this....

Meantime good luck for the future and happy weight loss. From sunny Devon :-)


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