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Wedding Woes

Desperately trying to drop a dress size in 8 weeks for my Daughters Wedding, lost 5lbs so far, walking was my hobby but I get a pain in my hip when I have walked for approx 5mins now, really upset by this as when I lost weight around 3 years ago the walking was easy and something I could do every day and I enjoyed it, Hoping to pick up some tips and have enjoyed reading all your comments, not a great blogger but willing to give it a try.

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how about some extra trips up and down the stairs? Or a gentle swim in the pool or even sitting on a chair and doing some leg movements you can find these on the site x


Thank you missworld all very good tips, where I work I am not allowed to use the lift so I will make a point of using the stairs more than usual, also like the chair.leg movement idea very easy to do so will give it a bash to-day.


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