sick of trying

do u ever get to the point when u get sick of trying, ive been on and off dieting for the last 9 yrs my lowest weight was 11stone and my heaviest was 15stone. now am 12stone 5lbs ive put on stone in over 5mths. i know it was my fault but ive been on a diet now for the pass mth and my weight not moving so feeling so dis-hearten. i watch what i eat and am active through the week, the only fault ive got is i pick at food at tea time but that like i eat 4-5 small bits when am cooking. am sure thats not stopping me :( soo puzzled


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  • I know I feel the same at times, at the moment I feel motivated and am looking forward to some sunny weather, a change of clothes, and a chance to get into the garden. The main thing is that you are making at start and you are lighter than you heaviest.

  • i feel positive all week, thinking ive done good but when i weigh myself on a monday and it say stayed the same, put a pound on or lost the pound ive put on. it gets very heart breaking and sometime feel like banging my head on the wall, my partner great and always say the right things but sometime i feel like scream bec i dont know what am doing wrong. how r u doing

  • I am a picker/snacker it's so difficult when you haven't got the will power with temptation :-( this week I tried to be organised & got some veg in the fridge ready to eat I got carrot battons, sugar snap peas & baby corn. So instead of crisps I've ate veg it's been ok . But has worked as I've lost weight this week. Good luck healthy eating it is never easy but stick with it & you will make progress x

  • I really understand where you are coming from shakirafin.I have been on diets for as long as I can remember.Every new year I want to weigh less.I did Slimming World a few years ago and lost 1.5 stone but the hardest part isn't losing the weight but maintaining it.All diets work but only if you can accept that is how you need to eat forever.Unfortunately I just can't do it as I love food too much.I have now tried to reduce my portion sizes and have changed to danish style bread and only have half a packet of low fat crisps etc.To not deny myself anything but eat in moderation as I think this is easier to maintain.After doing slimming world I went on a cruise for 2 wks and put on 9lbs of the 1.5 stone I lost and have not really lost it again since.However I could not go on holiday and be miserable trying to follow my diet rules.I also find eating out is a nightmare too.It's a matter of working out a happy medium for you that you can stick to indefinately.Good Luck and keep us posted :)

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