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Starting Week 1

Well I've had a fun morning/afternoon, thoroughly depressing myself weighing and measuring but here goes!

I've even made a little chart which I'm hoping to fill with lots of ticks for being good.

I've tried lots of diets/fitness fads and usually do well the first week or so but find them hard to stick to so I'm hoping that following this 12 week guide will just kick some good habits into me, give me a kick up the bum and hopefully shrink the size of said bum.

Any tips/advice??

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Good luck. Persevere & when you are tempted to eat grab a glass of water - plain or with a sluice/piece of lemon. Well done.


Hi shivc,

As well as the free 12 week plan, there's lots of other good free advice on the NHS live well lose weight pages - it's worth reading. And you'll find lots of support and advice on these blog pages mainly from people who are actually also on a weight loss journey.

The real key to it, in my view, isn't to focus on how to lose weight, but to understand (yes - I know it can be a bit painful) how you became overweight.

So be brutally honest with yourself, and face up to just how much you've been eating and just how full of calories some of it has been. You need to count E V E R Y thing, in every situation. If you eat or drink it, then it counts. Oh and that also means the toppings, custards, gravies, sauces, etc. - sometimes these are the most calorific parts.

And be honest about the portion sizes too.

And then it's mainly a matter of stopping doing those things and getting yourself into some new (and better) eating and exercise/activity habits.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


welcome aboard be positive be truthful to yourself good luck :)


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