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Keeping calm, carrying on

13st 1lb so a gain of 1lb

Waist still 91cm

I was really disappointed by the weight gain as I have stayed on track all week (not eaten perfectly but kept within calories). I was expecting to be under 13stone so got on and off the scales a couple of times hoping they were wrong!

I was put on a second pain med (for sciatica) on Thursday so I read the information leaflet and one of the common side effects is fluid retention so at the moment I will put the gain down to a combination of that and the reduced activity caused by the pain.

What makes it worse is that last night hubby had takeaway fish and chips whilst I munched on ricecakes with lowfat soft cheese and cucumber. Daughter was out for a meal with friends. Everyone around me is enjoying eating their high calorie, tasty meals whilst I am trundling along on 'the diet'. Then to add insult to injury, I gain weight! It's soul destroying!

Enough indulging in self pity, I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure to sort out!!

...and a garden that wont weed itself (how many calories does light gardening burn up?).

Good luck everyone this week.

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Hi there - yes you must be hugely frustrated - but you have kept perspective and humour which is brilliant (I go into black incandescent rages or deep despair.) As you say it is only one week - and hopefully better news next week.

best of luck


Hey, cheer up, dont give in ..... fluid retention (know about that!!!) - and the pain meds dont help ...... but be encouraged. Weather gotta get better which will help sciatica surely????

Nothing worse than eating something you dont really want, or enjoy whilst others eat the more tempting food around you .... but hey he could be putting on the weight that you'll be losing very, very soon.

Be encouraged!!!!!!!


Haahaaa :) thanks For commenting Pollyette, you made me smile. sadly my hubby is one of those people who never stops eating, piles their plate high (Twice) at a party but NEVER puts on weight (though he is a few pounds overweight it doesnt show). I'm not discouraged just disheartened. I had to change my eating habits for my health so I dont have the option of giving up as I am in the high risk group for a heart attack and am being monitored by my doctor (who last week gave me the goal of 70kgs - think its about 11stone). Right, back to the garden, I'm planting my beds and borders today and oh boy, its hot out there! Good luck this week.


Thanks, I NEED IT, my worst time is sitting at computer doing applications for jobs ... had interviews, come close but still trying (thats me, a very trying person!! lol). So glad I made you laugh, you have now cheered me up just writing back xxxx

May I ask how tall you are, cos I'm 5'3" and was 11st 7lbs (anyhow BMI is 28), nothing said about heart attack though ..... (does it run in the family???) - been going to practice nurse at GPs every two weeks to be weighed, asked for this as an incentive to 'move my butt' (big butt that is!!!). Since finishing work (July 2012) seem to have sat more at computer - trouble is the brew always had to come with a biscuit, or two .... or three - then probably the packet!!!!

Wish you loads and loads of luck, success and most of all encouragement - you can do it!!!!! Please keep in touch.


My incentive... long or short version.

I am 5ft 4" and was 14 stone, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a raised gamma gt reading (apparently my liver has started to store fat which isnt good and if allowed to continue can eventually cause scarring and ultimately liver failure - but at my stage its reversable IF I can lose weight, reduce my cholesterol and consequently the fat in my liver). My family has no heart disease history but high bp killed my aunt when an aneurism burst. Both my parents have high bp. My doctor did a risk assessment and Taking these factors into account, I have a 1 in 25 chance of having a stroke or heart attack within 10 years unless I reduce my bp, cholesterol and reverse the fatty liver. I had 3 months to improve or my gp was gong to put me on statins to reduce my cholesterol but i had done enough to avoid this when i saw him last week -wooohooo. (If I had to take any more tablets than I already do I would rattle! Lol).

Sooooo, I dont have a choice but to make this work. On holiday a few weeks ago, the bloke sat opposite me at dinner had had 3 heart attacks last year and was only a couple of years older than me. He looked awful and I dont want to be in his situation anytime soon.

I too have spent months looking for work after being a full time mum for 23 years. Its hard isnt it. I fill my days ferrying my teenage daughter to and from college and her sociallife, various craft hobbies, gentle gardening and spending time with my parents and in laws so lots of time for snacking though I find drinking lots of tea and coffee staves off the hunger pangs.

(Hope i havent bored you with my life story, its a bit of an essay isnt it? Lol)


I think your loss so far is amazing and you deserve a treat for your stone - buy something new doesn't have to be expensive, or treat yourself to a manicure , well done!


Dont worry about the scales I weigh myself every day - sometimes morning and evening but this is just a motivational tool. Sometimes I will weigh a couple of pounds heavier in the evening but I know I havent overeaten by 7,000 kal since morning! so just keep going and the scales will start to move in the right direction. Good Luck I have just 14 pounds to go to my goal weight now despite being stuck at 13 for a couple of weeks, I finally broke the barrier last week :) and seemed to be 12:10 all of a sudden


Hi, well done for getting into the 12 stone range. Thats my current target which i had hoped to achieve this week but heyho, next week will have to do (hopefully). Then its 2 stone to the finishing line. I also weigh daily but only in the morning but I officially record my weight on Monday mornings. General trend is downwards and this morning I was half a pound lighter than yesterday so,I know I am still going in the right direction.

Good luck with your weight loss this week, youre not far off 12 and a half stone!


Hi just logged in for quick look at e-mails, I'd say your gathering quite a lot of support and encouragement, looking at comments. Thanks for letting me know about you (know the taxi stage, still doing it and mine are 25 and 23 in July, .... and still at home with me - definitely doing someting wrong!!!! lol), its good to know more about you, and what we have in common.

Be encouraged, you are doing fantastic, look at what youve already achieved, this is your stepping stone - I like what I read and believe you are a fantastic person with a huge heart (the kind one I mean), need to keep in touch and help each other xXx

One day at a time and we can do this ...... till next time, take care and know YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!! xXx


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