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Friday weigh in-stayed the same :-( - but could be worse!

So there we are lots of good reasons why I should have lost weight even half a pound would be good -eaten healthily been out running. There are however lots of equally good reasons why I have stayed the same. Basically I have had a happy week with friends and family which has generally involved to much vino:-).

Anyway bit disappointed -but also relieved. Mantra in my head is must try harder. I am now off plan and my diary says I should be 12st 4. So I need to catch up/pay back this week as my diary says 12st 3 next week.

But in London this weekend -beyonce yay. And big family meal on Monday . So running shoes on to hopefully compensate!

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Well done! So you didn't lose this weight but sounds like you must've been able to balance socialising and being healthy. Always good to know, and I know it's a lifestyle change, that when we get to our goal and aren't always so strict weight can be maintained.

Socialising has to be as important as weight loss.

Good luck this weekend. I've no plans but hoping I don't fall off the wagon...I lie...I'm on the vino tomorrow and out for dinner on Sunday. On the plus side, I was just beginning to feel sorry for myself for having no social life.

Have a good one, will check in next week.


Hi both,

I too can be really good when left to my own devices but when I'm out socialising my resolve slips. HOWEVER I went out for a meal last night and decided what I was going to eat and drink and I actually stuck to it (miracle) I'm just in the right zone at the moment and don't want to undo my efforts over the past couple of weeks. I've lost 7lbs, I know a lot is water but I feel less bloated already.

Hope you both have a good weekend, I'm also out and about but as long as we don't go mad we can get back on track on Tuesday without having done too much damage.

I'm going to weigh in on Friday so will keep you posted.

Good luck x


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