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Operation dress!

I blogged a little while ago with the hope of encouraging myself, and anyone wanting to join in, to lose weight for that outfit/summer or for me a dress. Well. Everything's gone pear shaped. I just can't stop eating. I lay on the couch last night wondering what I could eat but knowing that I felt full and didn't actually want anything. I managed not to eat but have done every other amy for 3 weeks now. The scale is going up and worse still I can feel the muffin top emerging over my jeans. I've considered banning carbs but I'm in two minds as don't think I'd maintain this long term. Have decided to go with carbs with only one meal per day.

So...here we go again...another start....

Today's weight 9st 10.6.

Surely I can get down to 9st 7 by 18th may.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Happy healthy eating

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Hi innerslim,

If it's any consolation - and it probably isn't really - I've just stuck for about the last week or so at around 88 and a bit kilos.

I'm not desperately bothered. Firstly, that's a whole lot better than the 106 kgs I started this at. Secondly, I've got a lot on my plate at the moment both on the work and the home fronts and I truly expect that the weight thing will all go right over the next few days or couple of weeks, or so

I'm just carrying on with the sensible eating, the portion control, what exercise I can squeeze in, and playing a bit of a 'waiting game', to see if my body catches up with the overdue (in my view) weight loss!

If not, I'll worry about it in a few weeks time, when things are a bit calmer (in theory).

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Hey - innerslim - i was part of your operation dress gang - and felt pretty spurred on by your blog. I am completely impressed by your weight - i am no where near it and have more muffin top than you can shake a stick at. In this journey which is has lots of ups and downs - this time I am pretty resolved I do not want to go back to even the few pounds heavier I was a few weeks ago. So I guess for you - you have won more than half the battle recognising where you are at and wanting to do something about it. On the carbs front - do what you need to do - but sounds like you were losing weight before - so stick to that plan.

Look forward to hearing about your 2 pound loss next week


PS - I am still on operation dress plan - I have done a week by week weight loss plan with a modest 1 pound loss a week. Which is deadly slow - but will get me there in the end and is sustainable:-)


Thanks for the comments, very encouraging.


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