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Here's to a new start!

So im 22 and i currently weigh 13 st 12 lb.

For my hieght of 5 ft 10 its overweight on the verge of obese.

For as long as i can remember i've had a bad relationship with food, in the sense that i use it for comfort.

I've previously tried fad diets and the advertised cereal plans but i always end up going back to my bad habbits.

So having taken a long look at myself in the mirror i've decided its time for a new start!

And thats why i'm here!

Im going to stick to the 12 wk plan, eat better, exercise more and stay motivated!


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My relationship with food is terrible its my comfort too, so totally understand you. Well done on taking the first step.


Good luck!

I'm 5 ft 7 and weighing it at 13 st 4lb, so I imagine we are similar.

I've done the 'shakes' diets and always lost weight with them but then I miss food and frankly I have bad habits, I eat when I'm happy, I eat when I'm sad.

Then I have those 'oh I'm already fat I might as well eat ALL the ice cream anyway' days.

How are you finding it? I've just started today.



Its going well so far!

i've only had one bad slip up during a bad day while on antibiotics for a tooth infection where the only thing stopping me feeling sick was lollipops :/

I'm the same, i used to eat when happy, sad, bored, excited. Its taken alot of self control to stop that habbit but so far im defeating it!

Good luck with your new start! And keep us posted on your progress :D


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