Week 8

Week 8

13 stone today. Lost 2 lb last week bringing my total to 1 stone.

Gained half cm on waist but time of month explains that

First target to get under 13 stone is sooooo close, then I will be aiming to get into the overweight range (12st 9lbs).

It was hard work this week managing on 1100 calories a day but it was worth it to be able to enjoy hubby's birthday party last Tuesday.

Good luck everyone

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  • Well done! Good luck, it is so right about balancing out occasions for a life style there is no point in being in constant denial

  • Hi TubbyTil,

    Well done!

    Doesn't it feel good to tick off those milestones as "achieved"?

    Good luck with your ongoing weight loss journey.

  • great news for you - so pleased. Fantastic to reach those milestones- and still enjoy the important occasions in life. I definitely think it helps to exercise - good for soul as well as burning a few calories. I was up over 12st 9 pounds - not so many weeks ago - and the relief to edge into BMI overwieght was great. I am now on my own little tick off milestones - to lose 5 % of my body weight - few pounds to go yet- and to get closer to 12 stone. At some stage I will reach the elusive one stone lost!

    Really well done - great achievement .x

  • Your doing great. Keep it up.

    Your reach your goals.

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