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No bowel = Carb dilemma

I have no large bowel after surgery 10+ years ago. My BMI has now peaked at 25.4, I'm 5 foot 4 and 10 stone 5. I want to trim down a little but have a problem in reducing carbs. Having no large bowel means that I need the "bulk" of carbs. Fruit, veg and salad are fine in moderation and protein is good but I can't do a regular reduced carb diet in the way other people can. I am exercising moderately and know I need to up this.

Also can anyone tell me what a diet portion of pasta weighs please?


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Hi talktohelen,

That probably depends upon you really.

Personally, I would usually go for 50g for most types of pasta and the same for rice, though the packs might suggest slightly larger portions of 60 or 70g. Usually one of the columns on the pack shows nutrition by 'portion' and will show what weight the manufacturers suggest a portion is.

(Of course, they're in the business of selling the stuff, so they just might be a bit generous with their idea of 'portion').

But do weigh out things like pasta, rice, cereal, etc., because it is just so easy to be heavy-handed with them, if you just pour it out of the pack and guess! (Like I used to!)

If you have any problem with maintaining your weight, you could perhaps ask your GP for more specific advice relating to your condition, or perhaps for a referral to a dietician for more specific advice.


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