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Now what should I do?

The week before last I was all excited I'd finally found what would work for me! I started started losing weight quickly, without too much effort. I did a bit of exercise, stopped any recreational sugar and didn't eat between meals. I knew my diet was healthy normally and I lost about 5 in 4 days (mostly water obviously). So, I'm all gung-ho. And then the bombshell!

Although we are definitely not trying this month, I find out that I'm pregnant. We're really happy about that and it's wonderful news, however, I cannot diet now and my enthusiasm is waning.I did want to lose weight to get pregnant. I know, I'll lose weight anyway over the course of the pregnancy. I lost 2.5 stone last time (and then ate my way back up)

What can I do to keep myself very healthy over the next few months to change future habits?

My mind is wondering, whilst my body is trying to decide if it wants to be sick.

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Hi chay,

If your body is busy doing other stuff - like a pregnancy - this probably isn't the best time to tackle excess weight.

However, ensuring you eat sensibly and nutritiously is going to aid both processes.

Oh and processes like fat burning and fat storage are all controlled by hormones and being pregnant will send your hormones all over the place anyhow.

Good luck with both.


congratulations - what lovely news for you and your family. Yep I think dieting is off the agenda for you - although you could concentrate on healthy eating - lots of fruit and veg and staying off processed foods. Maybe keep up some exercise?? But I do know those pesky hormones - have you food cravings and all sorts and as for the tiredness.....

Enjoy your pregnancy - - but maybe just do mindful eating and think about the longer term when you have had the baby and what you can do then.

Really best of luck.xx


great news for you ; no to dieting but healthy eating is really important speak to your midwife so she can signpost you to support groups or support you herself. enjoy your prenancy x


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