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Week 11 > Week 12

Weight (lbs) 158.8 >>> 156.6 2.2lbs loss

BMI 26.46 >>> 25.97 0.49 BMI points loss

My goals were to have a 2lb weight loss, eat 1400 cals per day and 2 weights sessions.

I did 3 weights sessions, and achieved my loss but still trip up on getting 1400 calories per day.

Had a curry at our favourite restaurant on Friday, so I have no idea how many calories as I had no way of counting them. I then ate less calories Saturday and Sunday and put in a session at the gym on Sunday to make up for missing Friday's session.

My goals for this week are to reach a weight of 11 stone, at least 2 weights sessions at the gym and 1400 cals every day.

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Hi bundlebeaz,

Well if you still lost weight, the curry can't have been that calorific, or you compensated well!.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Sounds like you are in control - we all enjoy days off the diet. The important point is getting straight back on the bus - which you did. Hooray.

The only problem now is I want a curry - yum yum.

I love eating and weekends are big trip ups for me- so I aim for a modest pound a week - which feels doable. So I am envious of your 2 pound a week loss. Good luck for this week.


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