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day one tomorrow :)

having tackled my smoking habit and now being smoke free for four months :) i'm ready to tackle the pounds that have piled on! i've always had weight issues i've big clothes bigger clothes and smaller clothes. time to take control at nearly fifty i think i've got to accept there is no quick fix . so i'm going to start the twelve week proramme looking forward to reading all your motivational blogs and having some of my own to add :)

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Good luck Missy!! And very well done for giving up smoking :-):-):-) If you can do that, you must have some strong willpower so stay positive and good luck on the weight loss :-)


i amazed myself really giving up smoking relativley easily but the weight has gone on so quickly i didnt realise i replaced food so much, thanks for your message :) trying to stay positive


Congratulations on kicking the evil weed! I failed to give it up more times than I can remember, I'm sure if you can achieve that you'll be able to achieve anything!


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