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Day one


Well this is it !! The start of a new battle to lose the weight but i'm going into this with a positive frame of mind. I know i CAN do this so i WILL stay focused and lose some weight for the sake of my health. Spent too long burying my head in the sand and just hoping i've not left it too late to reduce any damage i may have done to myself through overeating and eating junk. Good luck all and fingers crossed for myself. New life here i come :D

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You can do it Karen! I had a couple of 'practice' days over the weekend but it's day one for me too.....I'm so not a breakfast person but I got up this morning and had my museli and I've just been on a 30 minute run, so far so good!

Have you printed off the 12 week plan? I'm taking mine everywhere with me as a constant reminder. Good luck ?

That should have been a smiley face not a ? at the end :)

lol thx for that. I have printed out the 12 week plan. Good luck to u :)

Good for you - I was at day one not that long ago and its hard to put into words how much better I feel now at just week nine - if your mindset is right thats a big part of the journey I think, then its just a matter of getting organised and getting on with it. Good luck.

thx swimmingbunny and to u :)

Good luck xxx

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